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"Choose your battles wisely on N4G"

N4G hates the OUYA

1091d ago ... You might think thats a weird title, but I've observed it to be true. An article was posted recently listing 500 or so games that are in development for the OUYA. I of course went to the comment section to see what people thought. Well the consensus was in and it was Casual. A Casual console with Casual games for Casual consumers. Nothing but ports of phone games and shovelware garbage. I f...

The old republic we deserved...

1300d ago ... The old republic is going through death throws, its hard to see it living many years. I personally think this colossal failure happened as a result of a conservative publisher. EA sat back like the emperor and pulled its strings to make the game more bland. Here is a description, with examples from other games, of how I think the game should have been designed. They should have ripped com...
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