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The Cancellation of Fez 2 & Mr. Fish's Outrage

851 days ago - Whether in heated passion, fuelled rage, impulsive emotion, or whatever form of description one could phrase to signal rashness on Phil’s part, he... | Article | Culture


Star Trek The Game: A Formula For Disaster?

959 days 3 hours ago - Not too long after the JJ Abrams 2009 remake of Star Trek ran its course through theaters, and filtered down into numerous forms of multimedia, Par... | Article | Xbox 360


The Horror Of Survival Horror

959 days 21 hours ago - Increasingly over time, the genre of survival horror has become more ambiguous; its definition becoming lost in history. No longer do horror games... | Article | Culture


Who Will Be The Sandbox King? - HardReset

981 days 19 hours ago - Since the announcement last week that Saints Row 4 would release roughly around the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 , the old argument of “Who’s bette... | Article | Culture


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Linux Gaming - Are we there yet?

989 days 3 hours ago - Linux Gaming has received a lot of media attention recently - but should you make the switch? | Article | PC



992 days 12 hours ago - It’s been a bit of a weird couple of weeks n the HR offices. There has been a bit of a slump in news and there hasn’t been any games that have made... | Article | Culture


Tips to Conquering the New Assassin’s Creeds

1113 days 12 hours ago - Join with tips and tricks to scratching some of those hard to reach Trophy itches for Assassin's Creed 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 Lib... | Article | Xbox


The Future Of Halo Multiplayer

1134 days 8 hours ago - Joshua Hinke writes...As the life of the Xbox 360 comes into its final stage, we are given one last look at the world renowned Halo franchise from... | Article | Xbox 360


Assassins Creed: The Story So Far

1136 days 14 hours ago - Joshua Hinke: When I shouldered the writing assignment of summing up Assassin’s Creed’s sprawling storyline, I thought it would be much easier to w... | Article | PC


Myths & Mysteries: Pokemon 2 | Hard Reset

1147 days 14 hours ago - Hard Reset: The Pokemon world is one filled with mysteries and theories, some of which are rather disturbing. But in that mixture of theories; some... | Article | Nintendo DS


Myths & Mysteries: Pokemon

1150 days 9 hours ago - Hard Reset: Today, with the releases of Pokemon Black and White version 2 just around the corner; I thought that it would be fun to sort of look at... | Article | Nintendo DS


Resident Evil: The Story So Far - Hard Reset

1165 days 17 hours ago - With a new release date of Resident Evil 6 being pushed forward to early October 2012, many fans are itching for this latest instalment from Capcom... | Article | PC


When Gamers Grow Up

1196 days 2 hours ago - A writer at HardReset recounts growing up with games and how the love of 16bit co-op brings out new ways for his generation to enjoy gaming as adults. | Article | Arcade


A Game Of Blocks: Westeroscraft

1228 days 3 hours ago - Ever since Minecraft broke onto the gaming scene not too long ago there have been those (including myself) who have sunk countless hours into it. E... | Article | PC


The Best Games To Play With Dad

1258 days 4 hours ago - Coming off of E3 is rather difficult. Less than two weeks ago, our heads were filling full of magical reveals, trailers, gameplay and Usher. Now, w... | Article | Xbox


Wonderbook: A Revolution In 'Edutainment'

1267 days 11 hours ago - Although immediately panned for being a hyperactive kids toy, the Wonderbook demonstration is the most intriguing one of the night. Essentially, it... | Article | PS3


The best of a 3rd Party bunch

1269 days 14 hours ago - Hard Reset Nintendo takes a quick look at all the third party games shown off at Nintendo's E3 conference | Article | Wii U


Have Nintendo gone too casual?

1269 days 19 hours ago - Hard Reset Nintendo takes a quick look at Nintendo developed games shown off at there E3 conference | Article | Wii U


Hard Reset's E3 Predictions #3

1278 days 2 hours ago - Rumour, speculation and harsh words have been flying around the Hard Reset offices for the past couple of weeks. The basis of these arguments? E3 2... | Article | E3


Hard Reset's E3 Predictions #2

1281 days 9 hours ago - Rumour, speculation and harsh words have been flying around the Hard Reset offices for the past couple of weeks. The basis of these arguments? E3 2... | Article | E3


See what games are coming out in 2016

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