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Which Console Is the Best?

2019 days 19 hours ago - Think the console war is over? Hah! Not even close. It took a few years but The Big 3 are all finally hitting their stride with great games, new SK... | Opinion piece | Wii


Microsoft Patents Method of Automating DLC Purchases

2159 days 17 hours ago - Broke My Controller Writes: You're on Xbox LIVE and a friend asks you to join in for some Modern Warfare multiplayer. Unfortunately, you neve... | News | 8


Sony Files Two Patents Related to Stereoscopic Screen Sharing

2036 days 16 hours ago - Broke My Controller Writes: Two recently published patents reveal that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (The PlaySation division of Sony) is consi... | News | PS3


The Top 5 Things I Love About Videogames

2010 days 6 hours ago - BMC: The Digital Age is blasting along at warp speed. The Internet, Facebook, and Twitter provide people with unlimited access to the rest of the w... | Article | Culture


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

The Plague That Is Xbox Live

2019 days 3 hours ago - BMC: It's been five years since the Xbox 360 became the first console to arrive on the next-gen battlefield. From day one it has been the go-to mac... | Article | Xbox 360


Roger Ebert Still Says Games Can Never Be Art, but Why Should I Care What He Thinks?

2123 days 10 hours ago - Broke My Controller Writes - Roger Ebert's longtime stance against "games as art" hasn't changed. Most gamers still see games as art, and... | Article | 11


The PSP go, Six Months Later

2164 days 6 hours ago - Broke My Controller Writes: It's been almost half a year and to this day Sony is doing a terrible job of showing their premium-priced system some l... | Article | 4


BMC Preview: Gears of War 3

1742 days 9 hours ago - BMC: So far, the largest complaint most people have had with the Gears of War series of games is the unbalanced multiplayer. Epic Games promised th... | Preview | Xbox 360


5 Games I'll Keep Until I Die

1995 days 11 hours ago - BMC: Games come and go, you love a title one minute and then you're tired of it 4 weeks later. Systems become obsolete and the value of a game drop... | Article | Culture


BMC Review: Need For Speed Shift 2

1767 days 10 hours ago - BMC - I caught quite a bit of flack for my views of Sony’s realistic racing simulation Gran Turismo 5. You see, I gave it less than a perfect score... | Review | PC


Is Gran Turismo 5 Really Going To Be Unbeatable?

1998 days 6 hours ago - BMC: We already knew about the 3-D (which we thoroughly tested, thank you), as well as the thousand-plus cars being included and the abundant reali... | Article | PS3


Nintendo Patent Reveals What May be Tactile Feedback Felt Through DS Stylus

2180 days 20 hours ago - BrokeMyController: Patents are filed all the time, but with rumors of a new DS, some possibilities can't be ignored. While the wording in these is... | News | 5


BMC Review: Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 4 - Double Visions

1735 days 7 hours ago - BMC: Unsure of what to expect from this episode, my expectations were a bit muted. Nonetheless, I’ve invested a lot of time with the new story and... | Review | PC


BMC Review: Homefront

1775 days 3 hours ago - Over the past few years one genre of videogames has put a stranglehold on the market, claiming it for its own. The flood of first person shooters r... | Review | PC


BMC Review: Moon Diver

1771 days 19 hours ago - BMC: Everyone loves beatemups, the simplicity in going around punching or killing things by spamming a single button. Sometimes you just need that... | Review | Xbox 360


BMC Review: Word Searcher Deluxe (Wiiware)

1742 days 5 hours ago - BMC: A word search puzzle game. Themed puzzles contain words in multiple categories, from palindromes to literature to French fry toppings. Gamers... | Review | Wii


BMC Review - Section 8: Prejudice

1741 days 22 hours ago - BMC: I recently got the joy of being able to review the newest instalment of the Section 8 world, Section 8 Prejudice. To be honest, I wasn’t expec... | Review | Xbox 360


BMC Review - Battle: Los Angeles The Game

1767 days 10 hours ago - BMC - I'll be quite honest- Battle: Los Angeles wasn't as horrible a film as I was anticipating. I was thinking cheap Independence Day knock-off wi... | Review | Xbox 360


Killzone 3: An Evolution In First Person Shooters?

1836 days 2 hours ago - BMC: We’re confident that Killzone 3 will shake up the PS3 online shooting arena, especially after the controversy surrounding the recently hacked... | Opinion piece | PS3


Safety Last: Why the PSN Fiasco is Scary

1744 days 10 hours ago - BMC: It's a debate that's gone on for well over a decade, a question first posed during the advent of Internet shopping: should we feel safe spread... | Article | PS3


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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