CD Projekt RED Hiring For an "RPG in a Brand New Setting"

What are these job listings at CD Projekt RED for a mysterious "RPG in a Brand New Setting" alongside the icon of a pistol?

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NYC_Gamer2174d ago

Hope we get some type of E3 announcement

ChunkyLover532174d ago

These guys are gold, but since they are just now hiring, I wouldn't expect them to show anything, especially since they are working on next generation games and no new next generation consoles have been announced.

Although I heard from a couple of people who attended CES that there were some interesting tech demo's and games behind closed doors and kept from the general public.

fossilfern2174d ago

Man with the unbelievable support they gave Witcher 2 with the free DLC, Free Upgrade to the Enhanced Edition and a free digital backup on your account I will be supporting these guys 100%.

The past Witcher games were fantastic and I am looking forward to the Witcher 3 but I dont think this is going to be Wicher 3, which is good because I believe they have only done Witcher 1 and 2. It will be good to see what else they can come up with

ThrazN72174d ago

PC only please i don't want any jaggy console trash

ninjahunter2174d ago

steampunk RPG, make it happen.