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Test Drive Unlimited 2 is not a good game. Graphically, it’s mediocre with drab environments and obvious texture pop issues. The racing is piss poor. The non-driving sections are pointless with hysterically poor voice acting. There’s only two radio stations in the whole game. And, worst of all, there’s no compelling overall goal.

I know this because I bought TDU2 when it came out in February last year. And, for the longest time, I let it sit on the shelf collecting dust. Recently, though, I finished Mass Effect 3 and found myself needing something to play. So, I popped TDU2 back into my console. It’s still really bad. But this time, I find that I can’t stop playing. No matter how much I want to stop, it’s become my go-to game over the last month. I’ve let other, better games fall by the wayside. I’ve lost hours trying to best yet another challenge. And that’s because, in its own stupid yet genius way, TDU2 is actually fantastic.

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Frankfurt2263d ago

Worst handling in a racer this gen. Everything outside of driving is amazing, but the most important thing in TDU2 sucks.

I'm glad Playground Games is making an open-world racer of their own (Forza Horizon), because the TDU games were so promising but never delivered.

Veneno2263d ago

Is Forza Horizon confirmed?

kasasensei2263d ago

Yeah, it's a fact that the game is bad on almost every aspects, but the power of free-ride and random encounters with fellows is still working despite all those technical issues.

Veneno2263d ago

This game is wonderful, although it is a paradox. The cars look great, character models are good, not like Uncharted but remeber this is a racing game about cars.

The characters and voice acting are both hilarious and weird. It's nice they tried to add more to the game, but they could have used better writing and acting. I do love how you can walk around with your avatar now unlike TDU 1.

The only part I would call bad is the online. It's very hard to find people and get races going because he game's online system is difficult to understand. What they needed to do was have a search option or put you into a random quick race with other searchers. I've put lots of hours into this game and I still haven't raced against any human players.

I'm looking forward to Test Drive Ferrari but I wonder if my expectations are off if I'm expecting something like TDU. It's all track racing with only one carmaker (although with many cars to drive with).