Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition to include headset

According to Amazon France, the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 release of Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition will come bundled with a headset.

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joab7772078d ago

Game of the year? Man, these rewards are getting crazy. Its was good and a very nice surprise but...

MySwordIsHeavenly2078d ago

It won at least one GOTY, so it legally gets to do this. Lol.

MysticStrummer2078d ago

Do you remember who gave Dead Island that GotY award? I'd like to know, so I can avoid their site/magazine/blog/whatever. I guess I can Google it... *slumps into a coma from the effort*

TheDareDevil2078d ago

I think even the publisher of Lost Planet 2 paid a couple of Swedish reviewers to give their game a GOTY award so they could publish GOTY copies

Skate-AK2077d ago

I'm pretty sure that's Capcom.

supraking9512078d ago

headset? I'm sorry but isn't really hard to connect with friends online? I love this game alot but trying to join people was a pain in the bum.

I really hope Dead Island 2 ( or Dead World) is revealed at E3. I think the first game was a great idea but fell short in greatness. I think they have potential to make a huge sequel with so much improvements. Kinda like Borderlands, great idea but falls short of greatness cause its missing something. Please dont be another Lost Planet 2

vickers5002078d ago

"Kinda like Borderlands, great idea but falls short of greatness cause its missing something."

*slaps you across the face*

TheModernKamikaze2078d ago

I was going to buy it anyway but how is it GOTY?

360GamerFG2078d ago

Game of the year?? What year?? More importantly, what planet??

ginsunuva2078d ago

Their publisher gave it GoTY. So now they can claim it.

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