Source - Dead Space 3 will feature at E3 next month

"A trusted source has told TGL that Dead Space 3 will feature at E3 next month."

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NastyLeftHook02260d ago

cant wait to dismember more limbs...on my ps3 ofcourse ;)

adorie2260d ago

since EA's a dick, I may buy it on PS3, cause there is no way on this hellish-earth that I am going to cave in for Origin.
If anything, I'll torrent the PC version after buying it, so I don't feel so guilty. I just like better res and use of effects on the PC than consoles...if EA pulls a surprise and releases it on Steam, for some crazy reason, then I can see myself buying it there, on release.

Nostalgia2260d ago

I gave dead space 1 a chance because I was told it was pure horror, I felt in no way uneasy through the whole game.
The same with dead space 2.
So I'll pass on 3 and just wait for Shini Mikami's next survival horror game codenamed Zwei :)

Blacktric2259d ago

Then you should have played the game on Impossible difficulty. While it is nowhere near as scary as it should be for the experienced players, the first few hours of the game becomes a little more terrifying due to lack of equipment and upgraded weaponry and suit. But after 6th/7th chapter, you will most likely have a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter and a level 3/4 suit with decent HP upgrades, which makes the game less scary...

Nostalgia2259d ago

Actually I beat impossible in dead space and hardcore in dead space 2 :P

Blacktric2259d ago

Well... then it is obvious the game was not for your taste :D. I personally would never compare it to old classics like Silent Hill 2 but it is undoubtedly the best new survivor horror IP this generation. Again, in my opinion.

Laxman2259d ago

Yeah, cause only Horror games are worth playing... Dude, even if you didnt find it frightening, are you saying the games arent even worth playing from an action/story perspective?

Convas2260d ago

This was guaranteed. All EA needs do now is announce Mercenaries 3 and I'll be happy with their conference.