BF3 CM on More Frequent Patches: “They Do Make Sense In Theory,” Still No ETA on M26 Dart Fix

MP1st - "Battlefield 3 global community managers talks with fans about the patching process behind the series and updates us on the infamous M26 DART glitch."

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Soldierone2175d ago

I don't know what it is with people, but I absolutely cannot stand patches at all. People are all mad, well I'm happy because anyone that plays PC games or on Steam knows how frequent the updates are and I don't care for it.

Back when PS3 first launched I was honestly afraid of turning my PS3 on before work/school in the morning...."Yay a few rounds before going to work....ahhh friggin update! Yay maybe at least one round now....ahh a game update!!!"


Should stuff never get better because of your schedulle?

Soldierone2174d ago

I paid for a game, why can't it just be "better" on the disc so I can enjoy it whenever I want?

I'm fine with the Battlefield ones since they tell you its coming and its substantial each time. I'm talking about the "we updated something very tiny, heres a long download!"

Its the one thing I miss about being a PC gamer. We didn't have to update, and could wait. We just had to play on the servers that didn't update yet. Which is fine when your looking for a quick game before doing something.


I'm talking about getting better, not getting fixed. I'm also against the broken releases we have seen so much, but can you really say that patches are a bad thing?

And the whole online stuff... Haven't we been over it yet? This is not PC with hundreds of oficial servers, custom servers, mods and what not. There's only a few servers, we don't need people having advantages or disadvantages caused by difference in versions. Also it (hopefully) keeps cheaters and pirates at bay as they too need to update in order to go online.

Sure, they could do fewer, bigger and schedulled patches instead of smaller random ones... But than everyone would complain that it takes half an hour to download... Can't please everyone I guess.

Statix2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Sorry, but I don't share your view that it's a bad thing to download a 10-20 minute patch every couple months that can significantly improve the game.

BF3 patches tend to be massive and include a ton of improvements in terms of weapon/gameplay balance and features (in addition to bug fixes). No multiplayer game is perfect at launch; hell, they're not even perfect after a few months of public testing. Better gameplay and weapon balancing over time is always a good thing in my eyes. I appreciate when developers continue supporting a game well after launch, rather than abandoning it like an aborted fetus to move on to their next project.

Soldierone2174d ago

I said that exact thing....

I said several times in both posts above I don't mind patches like BF3 because they are substantial improvements and are noted ahead of time, along with not being common.

I said I simply hate updating ALL THE TIME. I don't care what PC players say, there is no denying Steam updates are friggin annoying as hell, and the PS3 was just like that during the first year of launch. and a bunch of games try to do it too, which is why MS and Sony somewhat hold updates better be a needed patch if you want to sit through that process.

Holeran2174d ago

Any ETA on fixing the input lag problem on PS3 for real next time?

Dojan1232174d ago

Dice is taking too long with BF3 updates and it is hurting the community. People have given up and a on to other games. It will hurt DLC profits.

sovietsoldier2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

i don't understand anything dice says because every time they say something it sounds like bullshit. you have to test the fixing of the mav dart? really? you know its broken and you know what the problem is, yet you need time to patch it?really?

im starting to think i should have stayed with cod after mw2.

Hufandpuf2174d ago

it'd be idiotic NOT to test an upcoming patch.

sovietsoldier2174d ago

i was talking just about a patch/hot fix for the dart.

Hufandpuf2174d ago

you still have to playtest it and any other changes they make. DICE doesn't do hotfixes.

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