Deep Silver Pulls A Capcom, Includes Disc-Locked Content In Risen 2

Gaming Blend "Now this is news that breaks my heart. A lot of our readers felt that we were picking on Capcom and Electronic Arts. But today, this news regarding disc-locked content has nothing to do with EA or Capcom. This time, the culprit behind this anti-consumerist scheme is Deep Silver."

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kevnb2088d ago

disappointing is an understatement for how this turned out.

Bagogames2088d ago

This needs to get knocked in the head, right now. I beg of consumers, don't you dare touch this shit with a ten foot pole. Let it stagnant on the disc, never pay for it and never by any means celebrate disc locked DLC. This crap needs to stop, it's spreading.

solidjun52088d ago

I agree 100%.
Only way to stop this is not buy any of the DLC. Then companies will finally listen. I don't know what the sales for SFXTekken is but I didn't buy the game because of capcom's BS.

SKUD2088d ago

Instant gratification is a powerful tool when selling games. No matter how negative game companies punish gamers for every penny, Gamers will still support it. Validating the negative trends.

I do agree that this needs to stop. DLC pricing cancer is spreading at an alarming rate. But who are we kidding here. There's a sucker born every minute and willing to pay whatever price.

Gran Touring2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I don't see why developers don't just GIVE us the content they "lock" on the disc from the start. I feel like trivial things like hidden stages, extra costumes or secret items etc.; things we got used to obtaining on a regular basis in the last generation of gaming, now all need to be paid for, even if said content is already available to use.

WeskerChildReborned2088d ago

The funny thing is that last generation, their weren't even DLC or patches for certain games. I don't even know why Capcom thought that locked content would be a good idea.

Bagogames2088d ago

My age old argument. Metal Gear Solid 2 didn't need online or DLC for me to spend hours playing through it on my PS2 last week. If we didn't need it then, why now?

MAJ0R2088d ago

Which ever person in the development team who makes the decisions to have day one DLC needs to be repeatedly punched in the face until they get it through their head that this is not cool.

jc485732088d ago

whatever, not that I care for this game anyways.

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