Head2Head: Prototype 2 Screenshot Comparison (PS3 vs Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we put Radical Entertainment’s Prototype 2, the sequel to 2009′s Prototype under our Lens. So stick around to see which version will shape-shift its way into your living rooms this April. Also, be-sure to check back for our full in-depth analysis very shortly. Until then Enjoy!"

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Echo3072031d ago

Extremely close comparison. Play it on whichever console you prefer, basically.

Although this comparison doesn't factor in performance.

SuperStrokey11232031d ago

I agree, people are saying the PS3 version has a better frame rate and doesnt tear like the 360 version but I dont have either so i cant say if thats true or not. Some one with them care to comment?

PersonMan2031d ago

I have the PS3 version. No tearing no matter how much chaos is happening on screen. I'm very happy.

360 version is full of tearing though.

Redtide2031d ago

@personman have you even played the xbox version? theres no tearing at all.

Redtide2031d ago

i have it on both although i play it on xbox more there is no tearing. for me at least

NastyLeftHook02031d ago

go with whatever system you have. or if one version has exclusive content. ex: assassins creed revelations, brotherhood (ps3)

TheModernKamikaze2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

The whole assassins creed series Is on xbox 360 as well as PC too you know.

Neo Nugget2031d ago

But PS3 has (some) exclusive content.

Bloodlines connectivity
Copernicus Conspiracy
Full AC1 Game

TheModernKamikaze2031d ago

@NeoNugget AC1 is in Xbox 360 also.

JKelloggs2031d ago

He meant included for free with Assassin's Creed: Revelations (the PS3 version)

TheModernKamikaze2030d ago

@JKellogs sorry I did not really understood what he said.

@NeoNugget sorry bro.

Emilio_Estevez2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Neither one look great. A game coming out this late in the consoles' lives should look better imo. They do look equally not great though.

geth1gh2031d ago

^^lol couldn't have said it better

IRetrouk2031d ago

You forget that it's an open world with a hell of a lot going on, I mean you can cause utter mayhem in this game, it looks good enough for what it does

NYC_Gamer2031d ago

Double shot of ugly graphics/bad textures...

SaffronCurse2031d ago

Yeah those graphics look very dated.

Joe Bomb2031d ago

Infamous is an open world game too but looks 10 times better then this. P2 look fun though.

Solid_Snake372031d ago

inFamous 2 is still king of open world games

Trenta272031d ago

Rockstar's games are still king of open world. InFamous was a nice sandbox game, but it was indeed very static. Once you do the story, there is very little besides collectibles to do and run around. Rockstar's games can be played forever. That's the true beauty of open world games.

Solid_Snake372031d ago

@Trenta27 you are right, didnt think of the GTA franchise when i wrote this.

Zynga2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Of course it does because it does NOT have the same amount of chaos that prototype 2 does. Make infamous have all that blood and amount of bodies on the floor with all that chaos happening at the sametime then let's see how pretty it still looks.

@ Solid_Snake37

No its not because everything in that game completely static unlike skyrim.

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