It's come to this: Why I'm suing Sony

Bitmob Community Writer Ed Grabowski: I never expected Sony to lie and use manipulative advertising to try and convince me to buy a PS Vita. Yet, that is exactly what they did.

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Tolkoto1973d ago

My brother had the same disappointment with the lack of Super Stardust HD. He's not suing, though :)

I'm interested to see where this goes, if anywhere.

Dir_en_grey1973d ago

The thing is, it wasn't even fine print.

It was clearly stated on the bonus sticker:
"AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game WITH ACTIVATION"

I don't get how this guy calls himself "journalist" if he can't even read properly...

FriedGoat1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

(Aimed at author) Sorry but this guy is a douche. For one complaining about the Vita being pricey? Moron. So what if you wait a month, it does not say get game INSTANTLY. I bought my Vita and got wipeout after I topped up £5 and I had to wait a few hours. I didn't moan because wipeout didnt magically appear straight away. Buy a retail game you cheapskate. SSHD is like £7 quid and he's moaning like a little girl.
Also if you sue, Good luck ever getting on PSN again hah.

gamingdroid1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I don't know if it is worth suing over, but to be fair to the guy, the wording "With Activation" doesn't clearly say that a purchase or payment is required since an "activation" doesn't necessarily mean it has to be paid service.

AT&T themselves don't use wording like that, as they often use something to the effect of "with 2-year service agreement".

In short, "activation" is ambiguous and can see how a person not familiar with how these services work can be confused.

darthv721973d ago

You can either forgo the use of the data service and buy the game itself for $10 or pay $15 and get the game and 2mos of service.

I'll take the later of the two and just not renew once the time is up. I dont plan on using the 3g anyways but it is nice to have if I ever got the urge to do so later on.

Here is a question. I saw that motorstorm was available for free to vita owners. I dont have my vita yet but I did dl the game to my ps3 for later when I do. Is it the full game or some special edition version that would pale in comparison to the full version?

fear881972d ago

Title should read "Self Professed Educated Gamer and Consumer Fails to Read Retail Box. Sues Sony because he can."

Seriously. If you are an educated consumer, you don't fail to read the box or the printed material. This poor dunce is just making himself more of a public fool.

Exquisik1972d ago

I hate ill-informed journalist like this Ed Grabowski. It is because of journalist like him that consumers are misinformed.

I have taken several pictures of my 3G bundles just to prove how ill-informed this journalist is.

Here is a picture of the box with the label on it.

A close-up of the label

As you can see, it says "With Activation." You may perceive it as however it may deems fit to you, but to me it means free downloadable game with activation, ergo you must activate the service for the free downloadable game.

In the inside, there's a little flyer with information on how to activate the ATT DataConnect and get the 2nd month free of ATT DataConnect. There is also a disclaimer, which I'm sure no one read.

And there's also another ATT DataConnect flyer (more like mini-booklet), except this one shows you how to get the free game.

The inside of it

And on number "3." it specifically stated that a game voucher code may be redeemable "30 days after your DataConnect Pass activation."

SilentNegotiator1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

My word. That's the saddest lack of basic reading skills I have ever seen from any sort of journalist.

His words: "Nowhere, not even in the fine print, did it say that I had to pay to get these promised bonuses"

What was on the box in large print, that he acknowledges reading: "8GB Memory Card, AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game With Activation For A Limited Time Only"

Sad. I hope he loses thousands in court fees for wasting so many people's time.

"And that was that. Sony had made it clear that they had no intention of admitting they had manipulated me. Lied to me. Used me. They were willing to lose my business forever over $10"
They didn't give you a free game because you did absolutely nothing to deserve it. You can't read properly. You can't understand a basic sentence with simple structure. The sticker was clear as day. You even said that you read the darn thing. Sigh....

You activate a paid service, you pay for the service. Get a BRAIN.

Anon19741972d ago

What's stopping him from taking it back? Confused? Fine. Take it back and ask for a refund. Most places will take back merchandise like this within two weeks, no questions asked.

Or, you could just whine and expose your lack of basic comprehension skills to the entire world and go ahead with a lawsuit. To each his own...

LastDance1972d ago

Blizzard have been pulling that trick for years with WOW.

Old news

miyamoto1972d ago

Don't take these morons seriously they are told to write crap like these for a living. They are in for the page clicks.

xursz1972d ago

Author looks at his articles on the front page of N4G with a huge grin on his face.

antz11041972d ago

Wow, this guy has flamed the website not once, but twice in a day with Sony hate. Front page no less, thats a feat.

gaffyh1972d ago

bitmob's non-existent credibility just went into negative figures.

irepbtown1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

A bit stuck up his ass this guy is...

Krakn3Dfx1972d ago

He's not a journalist, he's a blogger who writes poorly researched and constructed op ed pieces. Don't confuse self-dillusion with actual ability.

Dee_911972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

haha bitmob pumping them out
story quality WTF
like this website? NO
g'day to you

edit: dear god please stop calling him a journalist even in an ironic way its still derogatory to real journalist.
editX2: wat Krakn3Dfx said

Diver1972d ago

dang bitemob that's two sony attack articles this week.

people should be aware bitemob was founded by dan hsu the editor that ran egm into the ground.

four months after the ps3 launched hsu chose the cover of egm showing a ps3 with a tomato slammed against it asking 'what went wrong'. the ps3 hadn't launched in the eu but was still outselling the 360 and he asks what went wrong.

where was the cover with the ms rrod billion dollar debacle asking what went wrong?

has any mistake in gaming ever cost a billion bucks? how often does any company in any field ever make a billion dollar mistake?

hsu wrote in his column that he laughed at the sony execs when he showed them the upcoming cover of egm. yeah dan hsu real objective pro - not.

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Nimblest-Assassin1973d ago

And this is why you buy the wifi only edition.

TBM1972d ago

i understand the flyer as i would get the 2nd data month free from at&t, and i would get the voucher from them, but i call to make sure and they said call sony.

i did and they said code would be sent out 30 days after the free activation of data plan. i said ok and moved on with my life as im patient enough to wait.

TheMrMadzen1972d ago Show
kikizoo1972d ago

Oh look, "bitmob" again, after "the playstation brand should die"...

poor desperate fanboyz...or worst, employees for propaganda marketing.

callahan091972d ago

It's not false advertising. The words "With Activation" in the statement are where this writer misconstrued the meaning of the advertisement. The statement on the box said:

"Over $55 Bonus Value. 8GB Memory Card, AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game With Activation For A Limited Time Only."

Again, the important part here is: "AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game WITH ACTIVATION."

This means that "Activation" is a pre-requisite for receiving the free data session & downloadable game.

What did he think "Activation" meant? Activation generally means that you're beginning a new service, and that costs money. I think the implication here is that when you sign up for 3G service, you get a free month ADDED ON to your service, and you get a free downloadable game code.

It makes perfect sense, to me.

It's like those DirecTV ads that say "Sign up and get HBO free for 6 months." It's not like you can just say "Here, I'm signing up for the free HBO." No, you have to sign up for their service, pay them for their service, and then along with that, you get free HBO.

1972d ago
Eddie201011972d ago

The sticker on the box says with activation, also there are two flyers inside that expalin everything very well. He has no case and I doupt he is going to sue Sony. He is just grandstanding and trying to get hits.

Even if he did not completley understand the sticker on the outsideof the box there is no excuse for not reading or understanding the well explained and detailed flyers inside the box.

killcycle1972d ago

how comment 1.1.2 got 34 disagree's is beyond me

otherZinc1972d ago

SONY should sue Ed; for buying multiple PS Consoles when they didn't & dont have good co-op games that would make someone buy 3 PS, 3 PS2'S, & 3 PS3's: WTF? Nut!

SONY has done this for years & people are now just learning this, well good. Now, Don't be fooled by SONY again.

StraightPath1972d ago

ps vita 3g model is not even worth it anyways.

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fluffydelusions1973d ago

Must be from the US...

BTW so am I and sue happy individuals sadden me :(

Hicken1973d ago

The worst part is that he's too stupid to realize he wasn't promised anything free in the first place.

Conzul1972d ago

He isn't stupid. The wording on the outside of the box made ME, as well, think that I would receive both a free month and a free game.

You're not calling *me* stupid . . . are you?

live2play1972d ago

2 stupids make a right

Conzul1972d ago

@CaCl well that's a shame: With your contribution we now have one too many.

irepbtown1972d ago

Conzul, this is MARKETING. To try your best to get the consumers to buy your products. Even if it is worded weird you need to use common sense.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31973d ago

I guess he's adamantly suing them because he wants to continue buying their products. I personally wouldn't sue if I had such a situation happen with a company that doesn't hold a track record with me. If I've been a loyal customer for a significant amount of time along with spending substantial amounts of money on their products and they treat me in such a way that was done in this person's case- then yes, suing would be a thought that would cross my mind.