Kinect technology takes Mass Effect to a whole new level writes:

“It has always been weird that you had to press a button on the controller to be able to talk to your squad members,” Mr Hudson said.

"But now, if you want to speak to them, you just speak.

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tantobanto2449d ago

eh, its too much effort, I dont play video games to speak or blow into mics. I almost blew a lung out playing zelda ds

FrankDrebin2449d ago

I'm playing it on the PC but I have seen it on the 360 using the Kinect and it's amazing! It is what it is. Just because you don't like the 360 doesn't mean you can't appreciate the technology and coolness behind it.

360GamerFG2449d ago

eh, of course its too much effort, its hard playing Mass Effect 3 using Kinect when you don't have Kinect. . .and an Xbox 360. . .and Mass Effect 3
Truth is, you've just been shouting at the TV because you can't afford any real games. Go on, admit it, you're amongst friends.

GribbleGrunger2449d ago

what's it feel like to be owned, FanancialGamer. :)

360GamerFG2449d ago

I'll let you know when it happens Gribble

southernbanana2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

tontobanto says he owns a Kinect. Not sure if I believe this, his comment history tells a completely different story.

Write your user name on an index card, place it with your collection and take a picture. Post the picture and then I will believe you.

tantobanto2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

These are all the systems I own not in storage, its about 50-60

I own 2 360's 2 wii's 2 ps3s

do you believe me now?

southernbanana2449d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Still waiting for the pictures of your collection (or at least one with the Xbox and Kinect) that contain the index card with your user name on it. I really want to believe that you are not a total troll.... Prove me wrong and I will apologize for doubting you. I just get tired of the trolling. It's pointless to favor one company over another when they all make great products.

MilkMan2449d ago

It does take it to another level alright. Where exactly? Let me put it this way. I disabled that sh!t. My fingers are just fine. I'll leave my Kinect for real compatibility, not for a glorified MIC.
I'm over 15 feet away from my 70' inch TV. I leave the Kinect for when we play Gunstringer and jump around. Not when I want to "talk" or "activate"
Whoever came up with this nonsense needs to be shot in the face.

m232449d ago

I think you're going a little overboard with the comment about someone getting shot in the face, it really isn't a joke.

I feel that Kinect is actually really well implemented into the game. It works better for the combat, rather than having to pause the game, you just say the attack you want your squad to do. I've played both the previous games extensively and the pausing does really take you out of the action.

I like having the option to use Kinect and I don't see why giving this option to someone deserves getting shot in the face.

MilkMan2449d ago

I think you are taking my comment real literal. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.
Either way, pausing is absolutely necessary, give you time to think about what your doing. The game was designed that way.
If it wasn't they would have removed it from the game design completely. Kinect or not.

Its cool, call it what it is.

Bioware/EA took Microsoft's enormous check to postpone a the game (remember the delay), give their version on their console something "different" than the competitors since exclusivity and disc swapping would have been all the talk and focus if not for the "Kinect" verbal commands.

Gotta hand it to M$, they could sell ice to Eskimos or Kinects to fanboys and girls.

Minato-Namikaze2449d ago

I was able to talk to my teammates on socom...back in 2002....on a PS2. why is this such a great thing again?

CyrusNightshade2449d ago

Agree completely, I dont know why is not in all versions of the game, you just need a mic. Kinect isnt doing anything special.

m232449d ago

That isn't necessarily true. The only reason they decided to use voice commands was because of the ease of implementing it. Kinect was designed to take voice commands, so it took very little effort on Bioware's side to implement it into the game. They've said it themselves that having regular mics do that would have taken much more time and effort, and would not work as well.

Fishy Fingers2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

It's not, it's just another nice feature you can take advantage of if you have Kinect.

We all know it's not super awesome and kewl.

Rowland2449d ago

Kinect = great if you're a kiddie/teen !

Staude2449d ago

You could do this with mostly any microphone. The same is in binary domain and in ubisofts old title endwar.

Simon_Brezhnev2449d ago

True but since its ME3 they act like they created this.

m232449d ago

You can do it with any mic, but like I said above, it was the ease of implementing Kinect into ME3 that made Bioware support it. Using regular mics would have made them do a lot more work, whereas using Kinect was much easier on the developer's side.

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