RipTen | Is Mass Effect 3 Really 'Better with Kinect'?

Way back at E3 2011, Microsoft surprised (and disappointed) a lot of gamers with a keynote presentation focused more on the Kinect than on traditional games. One thing was clear, though, the House of Xbox was trying to bridge the gap between games exclusively for the peripheral and titles that the core market will actually buy. From head-tracking in Forza 4 to the “Gunsmith” features in Ubisoft’s next Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game, the “Better with Kinect” label has started to get off the ground.

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greeneggsnsam2469d ago

I find it hard to accept that a traditional game can be made better with Kinect. They have to be designed as kinect games.

Captain Qwark 92469d ago

as long as they limit the use, then yes it can be. full blown kinect controls on a traditional game, then no.

features like this simply add to the experience are welcome and neat. simply becuase they can add a level of immersion or you can ignore them. either way they dont take anything away becuase they are not required. its similar to a game supporting move but not requiring it.

Gaming1012469d ago

This is according to Microsoft who is desperately trying to make sure their multi-billion dollar investment doesn't become a useless obsolete feature like Sony's Sixaxis features. Take it with a grain of salt.

darthv722469d ago

is different about adding voice recog to the kinect edition that couldnt be done on the ps3 with the eye's mic?

honest question.

zeal0us2469d ago

-Nope if you are used to/prefer a controller.
-Nope if you believe this could of been done with a headset.
-Nope if you don't got a Kinect.
-Nope if you got a kinect and still plan on using the
-Nope if you are a Kinect Hater/just dislike Kinect.
-Yes if you are a paid employee of Bioware who design this feature.
-Yes if you are a hardcore Kinect fanboy.

5v2, Nope's Wins!

NeXXXuS2469d ago

Made me lol pretty hard there zeal0us XD

BugsBunny2469d ago

lol...good comment :)

and yet people don't see that, the cons outweigh the pros

Did like all the Xbox fanboys raid this article....

fluffydelusions2469d ago

Only if you are a BW employee or a MS stockholder

IM_KINECTED2469d ago

It definitely gives you more of an immersed feeling. I preferred to play the demo with Kinect, I didn't have to pause the game to set my teammates up. I am really liking the Kinect functionality with games like this, Halo CEA, Forza 4 and I'm interested to see how it plays with Ghost Recon.

Parapraxis2469d ago

Shocking that coming from you.....

IM_KINECTED2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Coming from me? Not exactly sure what that means, but nice attempt to troll.

So I have Kinect in my name in a vague attempt to be clever and name myself after something in the gaming industry and that makes me a Microsoft fanboy or something?

I get a ton of disagrees with no explanation because I actually think Mass Effect 3 is better and you feel more immersed with Kinect?

It's almost like I don't own all the consoles or play them equally or something....../s

NiteX2469d ago

How can you not know what he means?! You have Kinect in your name!!!!! Your a bot!

BlackjackCF2469d ago

I'd love to play it with Kinect but... blah.

BugsBunny2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

No, not really.

It's still a gimmick at the end of the day, one which will get old fast.

To shout a command out or to press a button which is just as quick.

Hmmmm....what to choose, what to choose

Forza_is_King2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Why do those which we don't mention on this site keep saying shout? You can use your big boy inside voice you know? There is no shouting needed when using it but you are just ignorant with no experience in using the kinect with MA 3 so how would you know? You're just a MS hater.

Keep crying.

I will be playing the definitive version of ME 3 with kinect on the 360 where I will be transporting my character over since ME 1.

BugsBunny2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Oh for gods sake we get it, you love your Xbox and you love Microsoft...every Xbox related article recently there you are defending the crap out of them.

Then you say immature/trollish things like

"Keep crying"

"I will be playing the definitive version of ME 3 with kinect on the 360"

or you go on to call someone "a MS hater." when all they're doing is having an opinion. When did I say I hated MS, oh wait I didn't, just trying to spin things so you can start an argument


GearsOfWar2469d ago


It's funny you're calling him out for accusing you of being "a MS hater", when you used all three of your bubbles to do just that.

Virtual_Reality2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

They need to add more features that can be activated only with Kinect commands but in a way that can improve gameplay also that requires more skills for a competitive player, not for the casual audience.

But this is not the case, Kinect does not improve significantly the gameplay let alone the competitiveness when you play against other players.

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