Killzone 1 for PS3 delayed “indefinitely”

GB : We have some unfortunate news for you, Killzone 1 has been delayed “indefinitely” on the PS3.

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Colwyn2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


Please make a hd upgrade for killzone 1 Sony. A lot of people were excited for killzone 1 so I hope the attention is making Sony considering making a hd upgrade

FinaLXiii2355d ago

expect an HD remaster soon that´s all i can say.

falloutx2355d ago

Yeah a lot of people spoke aloud that they wanted KZ1 hd remaster, Maybe Sony listened.

Maddens Raiders2355d ago

Gosh Hojo I certainly hope so. Killzone was so much fun & deserves the full HD treatment imho.

Brosy2355d ago

From the story it sounds like Killzone 1 for PS3 isn't coming out. That even means a remaster. Alot of what I've heard about Killzone 1 is negative. I say big deal, PS3 players still have Killzone 2,3. Which are lauded as being better than Killzone 1 anyway. Sony has Killzone 4 to think about instead of a remake of a poorly reviewed classic from the PS2 era.

snipes1012355d ago

I'm with Brosy on this one. The game was reviewed merely as "good" (the 73 average on gamerankings says it all). Besides the option to choose between characters at the beginning of each mission, the original doesn't really have anything on the modern games. Rico was still a dickhead, levels were still pretty linear and the multiplayer was...well multiplayer.

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TheLastGuardian2354d ago

If it was released as just a PS2 classic, I still would've went out and bought a boxed copy to add to my PS2 shelf.

Now I'll just wait and see if Killzone will get an HD remaster. I sure hope it does. I want get the full Killzone story.

What would be even more awesome is if it got a full blown remake with HD, trophies, game design improvements and online play.

Karooo2355d ago

Not really, best Killzone game.

Pandamobile2355d ago

That's insulting to Killzone 2.

Gran Touring2355d ago

Best killzone game? you're out your damn mind.

r212355d ago

yeah,not really the best in graphics and action but for the story and characters, thats what was best about the game, accessibility of options.

hay2355d ago

Karooo wrote "best Killzone game", with which I agree. Killzone 2 had mindblowing visuals, but was shorter and first one had better story.
3rd Killzone dumbed down the universe to American Holywood abomination: Good Space US Marines vs Damn Evil Space Nazi's, along with slaughtering amazing original Killzone 2 controls(after they've been raped by patches of compiled tears of whiny pseudo-gamers who couldn't handle Kz2).

First Killzone is the best Killzone game up to date. But you had to play it to know it.

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CarlitoBrigante2355d ago

Looks like your account here will be crap too, ignored 4 life troll.

Shubhankar2355d ago ShowReplies(4)
KontryBoy7062355d ago

All that means is there is an HD version in the works after so many complained. Good.

Ultr2355d ago

haha that would be awesome to be honest! :D

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