Jaffe Talks About BJ Comments, Says Words Were Twisted, But Admits He Sucks at Self Control

David Jaffe sparked controversy (yet again) on the internet today, not because he is leaving Eat Sleep Play and forming a new studio, but because a video was published featuring crude remarks that have caused claims of sexism to be leveled at the Twisted Metal and God of War creator. Now, Jaffe has taken to the web to defend his comments, claiming the video was edited to remove key statements that would have proved his innocence. - PSLS

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Relientk772297d ago

David Jaffe, you are awesome.

LoaMcLoa2297d ago

3 forced-to blowjobbers disagree with you


My god, that sounded like a youtube comment

ftwrthtx2297d ago

You can never be sure what someone will do with a video interview they take of you.

dbjj120882297d ago

I swear to God, about to unfollow this guy on twitter. Just keep it to 140 characters. He's always saying stuff that can be misunderstood.

thebudgetgamer2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

How is it wrong for a man to want oral treats from his girlfriend/wife for doing a good job on valentines day.

I would understand if he wrote, buy this game and your significant other will stay in the kitchen where she belongs.

mayberry2297d ago

If a female said... Your man will munch on you for doing a good job. no one would have anything negative to say about it!
Another example of degrading mens rights. absolutly nothing wrong with a female pleasing her man! Men today are forced into a feminist, socialist world where being male is evil until a female "ok's" the males desires, then it's accetable!

gamingdroid2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I just question why we are discussing this in the first place, i.e. why do we have to say such crude things especially from an industry figure?

I used to like Jaffe (despite his inability to contain himself) due to his directness, but I think I like him a little bit less today.

You don't have to be crude and immature to sell your product!

RememberThe3572297d ago

Why does Jaffe have to be this squarebear everyone else is? Why do people expect the guy behind Twisted Metal and God of War to NOT be vulgar?

He wasn't being misogynistic either. Chicks suck d*ck and dudes eat p*ssy. Thats life. Accept it.

PraxxtorCruel2297d ago

He seems to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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