Battlefield 3 Patch Details – Mortars “Fixed”, M-COM Ribbons Tweaked and More

MP1st - Battlefield 3 players on the PS3 will be seeing a patch on February 6th, tomorrow, which will address the VoIP problems. But what else will the upcoming patches include for other platforms? On top of the recent announcement of the USAS-12 shotgun fix, other patch details have begun to surface.

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gypsygib2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I was hoping they would fix PS3 controls. While I've adapted to it by doing a lot more strafing, they still are probably the worst FPS analog controls I've ever experienced.

It's weird because in the demo they were fine, I 've never seen a FPS control so loosely.

MariaHelFutura2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

There was no demo and people are making huge deal out nothing when it comes to the controls. My friends and I have never noticed any such problem (I've put 200+ hours into BF3 so far). The mics problem IS a problem.

Criminal2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I think he's talking about the beta.

S-T-F-U2233d ago

The beta, the beta controls were good. The retail version they are fucked up. Are you seriously saying you don't notice any problems with the controls in this game? Do you not play any other games at all? I suggest you play another FPS game (Not killzone) and then straight after play BF3, you should notice a difference instantly.

I can't believe they haven't got a fix for it in this patch, complete clusterfuck.

bozebo2233d ago

The controls are broken and DICE confirmed it...

MariaHelFutura2233d ago

I think it has something to do w/ TV latency then. Cause I have ZERO problems w/ the controls.

trenso12233d ago

what about that color blind mode that makes colors bolder. ive seen it on pc but what about the consoles. would rather that the neon colors

RememberThe3572232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Ok I'm with you here. I've had zero problems with the controls and I have no idea what everyone is complaining about. What exactly is wrong with them?

da_2pacalypse2232d ago

xbox controllers are fine. Are you guys talking about ps3 controls? I wasn't aware they had problems :S

MysticStrummer2232d ago

No problem with controls here. This has been The Whiner Generation and I'll bet it only gets worse next gen. Unfortunately, the squeaky wheels will always get the grease, even if they are a vocal minority. Sorry but calling BF3 controls a complete cluster**** just makes me laugh at you.

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Truth2233d ago

If the controls are so bad, how am I doing so damn good then?

S-T-F-U2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

You have been playing for 142+ hours. You have simply gotten used to it. Go and play any other FPS (not killzone) and see what you think...

Truth2233d ago

I've put roughly the same amount of time in BF 1942, 1943, CoD 1+2+3+Modern Warfare+2+BO, Battlefield BC+2 and quite a few other FPS. I realy don't see the problem.

pwnmaster30002233d ago

Stfu can you explain to me whats wrong with it.
I went from all the call of duty to this and its perfectly fine with me.
Even my cousin who only plays on the 360 and only plays call of duty said it was good.
The only difference is that the recoil which you get use to it.

S-T-F-U2233d ago


There are loads of videos on youtube demonstrating input lag. Some people notice it, some don't. You guys are the lucky ones.

@Truth, Do the controls feel the same in BFBC2 as they are in BF3?

Truth2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Maybe my TV and PS3 are just superior to everyone elses because the input lag on mine is no where near as bad as that video. It not as twitchy as CoD: BO, but it's very comparable to BFBC2 in my opinion.

bozebo2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Dice confirmed that there are input lag problems, it is part of the game and has nothing to do with the TV (a bad TV could make it worse).

I tried on a 4ms delay gaming monitor and the delay was blatently obvious (much moreso than in other 30fps games)

S-T-F-U2233d ago

That may be so, but there is most definitely a problem with the controls.

All these people can't be wrong.


Truth2233d ago

I'm not saying they're wrong, or it's not a problem. I'm saying it's not a big problem. I average 20+ kills a game with a score of 6-9,000 points. If it was really THAT difficult to control then I wouldn't be doing half as good as I do. I'm not some freakishly awesome player by any means, I'm pretty average and I'm still doing pretty damn good with these apparently "broken" controls.

Seriously, are you guys doing that bad?

gypsygib2233d ago

@ Truth
Every PS3 player has the same bad analog stick lag (compared to other FPS games), so whether you do better or worse than anybody else is irrelevant to the existence of excessive controller lag.

The lag makes controlling much less precise because when you release the stick, the reticle keeps moving too much, I do fairly well in the game too (by strafing more and using vehicles) but it's sucks that I can't rely on precise analog controls like I should be able to.

It's possible that due to the controls people that would be better aren't because they're used to proper responsive controls.

You may be terrible at the 360 version because the controls are actually more precise.

Bottom line is that it's an unintended design flaw.

DARK WITNESS2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

@ Truth

what you may want to consider on this issue is not how well you are managing to do, but how much better you could do if there was no lag.

if you are managing 20 kills average a game, well maybe without the lag you would be averaging 35 or something.

If the devs have confirmed there is an issue then clearly something is wrong. it could just be that you are very adaptive which is why you may not notice or something.

I am just saying my $2 worth, I will mind my own business now, sorry. :-)

kikizoo2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Some noobs were also complaining about KZ2 control (for skilled players !), are you considering bf3 is not like cod, and you don't like it, or have you a real software problem with it ?

for me the problem on bfc3 was the same as cod and many modern console fps, guns are killing to easily, no matter where you shoot, so it's a noobs and campers fest.

Yukicore2232d ago

do you play 576p or 720p?

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SneeringImperialist2232d ago

The problem is you are playing an FPS with a controller and not a mouse lol. After playing BF3 on PC with a mouse for so long a game pad just feels... bad.

SignifiedSix2232d ago

I find that funny, because when I go to my cousins house and play bf3 on the pc with a 360 controller, I always manage to come out on the top 5 of a team. I love playing on the 360 and PC, but you guys get annoying when you say the mouse is "superior".

On topic.
Yeah that lag is horrible and unacceptable IMO. I try playing on my cousins ps3 and I just can't do it.
This is the only game I've ever played with this problem.
I don't play on ps3 often, but fix your shit, DICE!!!

BuLLDoG9092232d ago

yeah, there input lag and acceleration issues, you can either get used to it or play at 480p/576p...

iv switched back to 720p since the B2K pack... iv just gotten used to it.. hope they get off there asses and fix it though, i can only use red-dot or holo.. trying to hit something moving with a scope is hit and miss bad

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Hufandpuf2233d ago

Nice hopefully the patch isn't too far off.

FlareDReborn2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Patch is suppose to come out on the 6th.. a 7gb patch BF3 really is killing my'ma have to delete alot of stuff off my ps3 because i only have 11 gb left...*Sigh* 120gb seemed like alot 2 years ago..

ExCest2233d ago

Who said it was 7gb?

People only reported dling a 7gb patch but it was not supposed to exist (according to DICE) "'We have not received official word of a patch so be cautious.'”

A 7gb patch would be like multiple map packs.

Hufandpuf2233d ago

The patch is not 7 gigs. 1 gig at the absolute most.

RememberThe3572232d ago

I'm pretty sure they said the patch is going to run around 20mb.

Mikeyy2233d ago

I have a 2ms monitor and there IS input lag. Cod is the only fps to not have the problem though.. aiming is instant.

Truth2233d ago

Again, I don't think anyone is debating wether there is or isn't input lag. I'm saying it's not a big problem. Stop being a baby and adjust to it?

PixL2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Imagine keeping several kilos of metal in front of you and trying to aim it effordlessly. It's simply not possible. Battlefield is supposed to be like that. If you like arcade shooters without any realism, go play CoD.

SITH2233d ago

I am so sick of this game. They patch everything to please a minority of gamers on the forums. I am glad so many games are coming out, it is time to move on from bf3 for me.

Ser2232d ago

Oh, please. The "minority" gamers are the ones that spend the most time playing the game. The people that actually CARE to post on the threads are the ones that care about how the game plays.

SITH2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Please my ass, I have seen nothing but, "patch this gun it killed me, patch that gun it shoots me every time" on the forums. It is a den of babies who demand the game to be a shell of it's former self. People cry over the FAMAS as over powered and that everyone is using it to death. NEVERMIND it was a new gun everyone was eager to use it, or people finally got to the high rank to unlock the USAS. All the guns can be patched. Dice can't patch stupid players who believe every corner may not harbour a threat, or gamers who can not fly a jet. Nobody takes the time to learn the game, they just demand it be altered to suit there style. They don't use a gun that kills them, patch it. A vehicle killed them one to many times, patch it. I even seen a patch request for the SOFLAM! Bf3 gamers on the forums are the biggest bunch of sensitive babies I ever seen. Play harder, not cry harder about a simple gun. I made it through the entire rank structure to colonel 12 with all the threats present and not patched. I had no problems. My skill is 930, and kill/death ratio of 5.5. I invested my time in countering threats and doing my role as support for my platoon, not crying on the forums how a sniper blew my head off as I stood in the open. That is my fault, not something to be patched. But I realize it is all on deaf ears, the babies outnumber the capable players.

There are legitimate issues that need to be patched, and then there are people who just want some magical help to somehow be better. The latter is impossible for dice to fix.

Every single day there are 20 threads of patch this gun patch that gun. Rarely is a post directed at anything remotely legit. And when you look at the patch platoons stats, they are horrible. Horrible kill/death ratio, and low skill. People demand balance where chaos is the point. That makes no sense.

Ser2232d ago

Dude, you're lying to yourself if you HONESTLY believe that all of the guns are perfectly balanced. That simply isn't the case, and DICE knows this, hence the patches.

krisq2232d ago

This 'minority' are the only people that will pay for map packs.

Sarcasm2232d ago

I don't have a problem with much of the game, but the two biggest ones for me is the USAS with frag rounds and MAVs. I see a bunch of MAVs just flying around trying to kill people (and succeed often) rather than use what it was intended for. And the USAS is by far the most unrealistic overpowered POS in any FPS game I've ever played. It makes the BFG in Doom look like a pea shooter. /exaggeration.

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