RAGE 1.2 PC Patch released!

In RAGE PC news, the 1.2 patch was also just released. Click through for more details.

The 1.2 update adds new features and addresses various compatibility and performance issues. At this time, if you have an ATI card,

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LightofDarkness2387d ago

Haha, OK. Congratulations, ATI users! You can now play RAGE!! ONLY FOUR MONTHS AFTER IT WAS RELEASED!!!

Biohazard88602387d ago

Game was ok but its not worth pickng up or beating wasted 60 dollers on this crap.

SSKILLZ2387d ago

i heard this game was a fail so i never picked it up

h311rais3r2387d ago

And no one on pc cares cuz Id turned their backs on us!

Play2Win2387d ago

thank you ID I love you, my favorite game

Biohazard88602387d ago

I like Doom alot better hoping Doom 4 will be awesome.

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