PlayStation 4: What is coming?

The new generation is already here? Not according to Microsoft and Sony, said that he bet all the chips in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. After all, the recent arrival of motion controls for both consoles as well as the large franchises that are still to come leave the appliance is in focus.

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Brosy2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I wonder if they will try trojan horsing another media format like they did with the every other console they have released. Blu-ray had to be the worst. Launching at $600 a pop was stupidity. Now if they could just get the PS3 to perform as well as the 360 does with multiplats.

I just wonder how they are going to handle backwards compatibilty. They dug theirself a hole with the in house Cell processor. Chances are unless they go with another Cell processor there won't be any easy way for backwards compatibility. Of courser the attach ratio for the PS3 isn't very high, so maybe people wouldn't care about backward compatibility.

Christopher2386d ago

Question, can you play your 360 game on another platform other than a 360? No. Then why does it matter what format the the game comes on if it's tied specifically to just one console? It's not like the PS3 only plays Blu-ray, it plays all the same things as a 360 plus Blu-ray.

So, really don't get your logic in that argument.

Half-Mafia2385d ago

Play (space) Station 4. WOW

josephayal2385d ago

What is coming? The ultimate gaming machine 3D, touch controllers, pixar graphics, over 100 exclusives like the PS3 and many many more Can't wait!! 2014!

THC CELL2384d ago

Yes I would like to see a back and front touch controller