Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Rebalancing “a Selective Process” and More on “Panic Knifing”

MP1st - Modern Warfare 3′s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, discusses panic knifing, quickscoping, weapon balancing, and potential nerf to Type-95.

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Hufandpuf2305d ago

The Type 95 was VERY OP, but it doesn't matter. I gave MW3 back to my friend and now it's back to COD4. (G36c FTW)

Criminal2305d ago

Man I miss CoD 4. Which platform are you playing on? Last time I tried the 360 version, it was hacked. :(

trenso12305d ago

Ps3 version is good from my experience. Didn't see any hacked lobbies lately.

BX812305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Yeah it's such a shame how they let the best COD out of all of them go to the hackers. 360 version btw.

h311rais3r2305d ago

Ya the 360 version is full of hackers. I own for pc and 360. Pc version was the last superior version. Man custom maps with 128v128 battles were epic. Now...ull be lucky if activision even considers moddable content or even dedis!

Hufandpuf2304d ago

I play on the 360, it has hacked lobbies, but I've been seeing them less and less. Also, sometimes hacked lobbies make the game fun but I don't still don't stay in them long.

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Skizelli2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Don't confuse a panic knife with quick reflexes. I'm willing to bet the people complaining about panic knifing are the ones doing/using a) drop shots, b) flash bangs, and/or c) quick scopes, which are more annoying. You see, most drop shotters swap their knife button with the crouch button, making crouching more convenient and knifing less convenient. They can't knife you back, so it frustrates them. Boo hoo.

I haven't played Black Ops since MW3 came out, so I can't speak for the state of the guns now, but when I did play they felt amazing. The shotguns actually killed people.

DFresh2305d ago

I've always thought the knife attack should be two hits and not one.

MrBeatdown2305d ago

I always hit the knife button by accident. Drives me nuts.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2305d ago

i havent seen many ppl using type 95, the gun may deal damage but it has hipfire issues (that CANT be remedied with steady aim) and the fact that its a semi-automatic AR (burst fire and lower ADS speed than SMG).

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