NeverDead Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "In the age of sequels and “threequels”, it’s always good to see a brand new IP brought to the masses. Konami and Rebellion have done exactly that with NeverDead, a third person shooter with a difference. With the game’s interesting take on death, and Shinta Nojiri, a man who has had pivotal roles in the Metal Gear series, at the helm, NeverDead has a lot of pedigree behind it.

But, the third person shooter genre is one that is always growing, and has a lot of heavy-hitters as it is with the likes of Gears of War, Uncharted and Mass Effect. So, where does the undead, demon hunter adventure of NeverDead stack up against the big guns? Does it pass its predecessors and live on forever more, or does it just drop the first two syllables in its title and become straight up “Dead”?"

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