Preview: Torchlight 2 [eGamer]

Despite the limited details on Torchlight 2, eGamer, as big fans of the original Torchlight, take a crack at previewing it anyway.

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MrGunny942228d ago

This is something, that i'm really looking forward... I've loved Torchlight and i want to see how this idea ends up.

gr33nFIEND2228d ago

I completely agree, Torchlight was an awesome game and Torchlight 2 certainly has the same potential. Let's just hope Runic Games make good use of that extra development time.

ATi_Elite2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

They need to release this kinda in a hurry.

Gamers are looking forward to it but once Diablo III hits Torchlite 2 will be forgotten.........well at least on the PC side.

gr33nFIEND2228d ago

The LAN support seems like such a novel feature these days. What has the loss of it done to us? I'm still loving the fact that it has it.

MrGunny942228d ago

LAN support is something that i love, and that will never be removed from GAMING....

PCgamer4ever2228d ago

Diablo III,Torchlight II,Grim Dawn,R.A.W.: Realms of Ancient War and Krater.2012 great year for isometric action-RPG games.

gr33nFIEND2228d ago

Let's hope they all get their shot to shine in what looks to be a competitive year.