Emergence of the R-RPG: Sequence [Review]

DIYGamer: "Trapped in a world of music and battles! Do your fingers have the rhythm to dance the dance of DEATH!?

Sequence, by Iridium Studios, is a rhythm RPG game following the adventure of Ky, an intelligent and terminally sarcastic college student who is abducted and put in a tower that he must climb by battling monsters and bosses through a system of timed rhythmic button inputs. He is assisted in his journey by Naia, a mysterious girl heard only over intercom. While it appears that she is working for the group that abducted him, she is set on helping him through the Tower. Many more eccentric characters appear throughout the game to fight or help Ky, each one revealing more about the mystery of the Tower and why Ky was chosen to move through it."

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