Complete List of Weapons and Vehicles In Twisted Metal

MP1st - The Twisted Metal Forums have finally gone live and have been updated with a full list of weapons and vehicles.

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acemonkey2321d ago

alot of cars.....and a good amount of weapons

FACTUAL evidence2319d ago

The game looks so beautiful and I'm sure the MP would be fun, but I was down for the story and the CHARACTERS! There's only like 4-5 characters?....I'm really upset. I'm going to most likely pass TM, but I'll get it used around 25 dollar mark.

Commodore2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

8 maps? Damn...Sick of these devs getting lazy with online maps and then just pumping out DLC to make $$$$.

I love SONY, and I love Twisted Metal...but damn. That game is gonna get boring in the first week. Same thing happened with SOCOM 4. 7 Maps and I was bored in a day.

When SOCOM 2 came out, the game had a total of 22 online maps. Game industry's really gone down hill.

Nitrowolf22321d ago

There are 8 maps, but 30 different sub ones. Little sections of each of the 8 maps can be broken down into smaller maps, and they aren't identical to the same spot located on the larger map.

ginsunuva2321d ago

I want to drive that Warthog to work. I'll never not have a parking space ever again!