Mass Effect 3 Won’t Be All Shooting Giant Robots in the Face

Kotaku: That quote, dropped by Mass Effect 3 lead writer Mac Walters in the most recent BioWare Pulse developer diary, shows that he is at least very serious about talking about making Commander Shepard show some real emotion this time around.

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No_Pantaloons2255d ago

Then show it and stop talking.

dedicatedtogamers2255d ago

The fact that Bioware even needs to say it shows that ME3 is going to be nothing but an action-fest. Say goodbye to all your dreams that it would be a return to ME1's style.

BTW, boss at the end of ME2 was hella stupid.

49erguy2255d ago

To me, the end boss was a major improvement over Saren jumping around.

If by return to ME1's style you mean the weak shooting mechanics and bad inventory management, then no, I don't want that back. I do want more emphasis on RPG elements in addition to the awesome looking gameplay.

KeiserSosay47882255d ago

I agree, inventory management was pretty annoying although, I did like the different ammo types for biological enemies versus robotic type enemies.

krazykombatant2255d ago

In my opinion the T-800 terminator was garbage boss. I would have liked some confrontation with the Collector General/ Harbinger. Would have been better than the robot.

49erguy2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

@ krazykombatant

To each his own. If it was an encounter with Harbinger I'm willing to bet it would've been exactly like Saren though. Personally, when I got past the wave of collectors and used the cain to shoot the human reaper in the eye, the entire screen had this hazy orange nuke effect and fire was coming out of its mouth, then it collapsed. This was on my insanity run and I was low on ammo. Long story short, it was EPIC.

On easier difficulties I can see how the ease can take away from the sense of awe. Insanity makes the entire game a thousand times better. I could go on for days about how each class must use different tactics and choose squad mates and bonus powers to compliment their class of choice. ME3 hype!!!!!!!