Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 07th Jan 2012

The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales

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Bundi2326d ago

Those are some impressive numbers. High 5 to Microsoft for selling over 16 million Kinects to consumers. Facepalm to Microsoft for abandoning the rest of us.
Gears of Wars 3, 5,2 million worldwide. Nice.
Fable 3, I have no words for you.
Skyrim, 5 million sales on 360?? You must be a shooter cause I've heard we don't buy any other games. Same goes for you AC Revelations.

GraveLord2325d ago

PS3 had a lead on 360 by a whopping 170k! Wow.

Look how bad 360 sells when its not the holidays! Below even the Wii....

2325d ago