HMV: 'We're replacing CDs with games'

Chief executive Simon Fox wants retailer to be a 'real magnet' for gamers.

Having earlier today confirmed the opening of its first LAN gaming centre at its flagship Trocadero store in London, the chief executive of HMV Simon Fox has said that gaming is set to replace the likes of music as his chain looks to future growth.

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mighty_douche3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

With GAME buying GAMESTATION any compition will be very helpful in driving down prices here in the UK.

ravinash3870d ago

At the moment I get all my games from Game. which is great considering I can cash in my points at some stage and get a free game....but I'm sure better deal can be had if there is more competition out there.

PS3Freak3870d ago

Good choice by HMV considering that SOOO many people download music for free(myself included). Compared to a very small percentage of people who burn games, they will make much more money this way.

predator3870d ago

it is good news but my nearest hmv is about 30 mins away, my nearest game is 10 mins away