COD:MW3-Spawning to be addressed in the next patch; possible weapon nerfs, fix for 'Out Of Memory 7'

DSOGaming writes: "Robert Bowling has revealed some juicy details about the next patch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. According to Bowling, both spawning and spawn logic will be addressed in the upcoming patch, meaning that the respawns won't be as bad as in their current state. Moreover, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games aim to release this patch at the end of this month."

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csreynolds2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I do wish players would stop complaining about weapon 'imbalances'. People cried hard about the Akimbo 1887s in MW2, but they were easily counterable. The same can be said for MW3's Type 95 and the FMG9s - it's all about strategy, and knowing how/when to engage people.

At this rate we'll all be weilding feather dusters and cotton buds in a few patches time...

Oschino19072418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

1887's were cheap as balls in mw2, even today after being nerfed it still feels cheap running around with them.

The type95 is also cheap, almost always a one burst kill while the m16 is min 2 burst (unless headshot) and often 3 or 4. I see guys running around hip firing with it like a long ranged slugged shotgun gettin one hitters and silenced version even pulling off 1 hitters. I refuse to use till its more balanced as I am not a cheap ass.

Fmg9s were at first beyond cheap, after a few uses I put them down till first nerf, they aren't as accurate as before but still beast especially having 30 rounds each and tap firing for higher accuracy.

One thing I would like to see is increased recoil or inacuracy of Striker when people spam the fire button, I get it has good stats but it shouldn't fire so far, so accurate and so straight down the line when unloading half a clip or more. Its like running in a room with a huge cone of bullets that kills everyone as you never see between shots just different bullets instantly replacing the ones you just fired. That or lower the fire rate a bit, its easily the "best" shotgun, should be brought more in line with others.

JeffGUNZ2418d ago

I find the Type 95 to be inconsistent, not overpowered. It's a three burst weapon, one shot center mass should kill the threat. I think all the weapons are pretty good in this game. The only weapon that could be considered is the FNG's dual-wielding.

csreynolds2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

With the greatest respect, you are exactly the kind of person I'm talking about. The Winchester 1887 is a long-range repeating shotgun - it was designed to kill over distance. The problem with it in MW2 was not its stats, but the fact you could wield two. Take away Akimbo, take away problem, but the gun's stats made sense. They didn't need altering. Akimbo needed removing.

The Type 95, or QBZ-95, employs a bullpup configuration likened to the FAMAS. If you remember, the FAMAS in MW2 could also kill (inconsistently) in one burst hipfired (with Stopping Power), even with a sliencer. No one complained about that. JeffGUNZ is right: one shot centre mass should kill the threat at close range. However, a one-burst kill depends entirely on its user's ability to lock-on to targets quickly. It can be easily countered.

The FMG9s are a pain, agreed, but gunfights can be won against people who spam them. Plus, if you ever consult the score of the person using them, there K/D is often 1.0, give or take a few kills. It's not like you can easily net 20+ kill streaks with them is it?

And lastly, the Striker. It deserves to be powerful. Shotguns are so outclassed in Call of Duty games. Unless you're a boss at flanking and dodging fire, 9 out of 10 times you will lose engagements at anything beyond close range. So, at close range, you should be able to kill in one/two bursts, don't you think?

I hate getting on my soap box like this, but if people spent less time complaining and more time working on their playing ability they'd realise that these guns CAN be beaten.

SuperSaiyan42418d ago

Me and my mate sold MW3 because apart from the bullet lag and dissappearing reappearing enemies the issue was also the spawn system, you kill one person and out of nowhere there is one right next to you!

Oh well its still total shite, MW2 ftw!

BizDaWolf2418d ago

LMAO didn't they say they were going to fix this stuff in the last patch?

lorianguy2418d ago

Well if they actually do it this time then THANK THE LORD!

Unlimax2418d ago

Activision .. Seriously , DIE !

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