Lost Planet 2 Vita Listing Spotted

"It’s not uncommon for games to get leaked by retail sites, but I must admit this one is left field. " - JPS


In an interesting turn of events the title was mentioned a LONG time ago by capcom, but due to the low popularity of this title the information wasn't reported. This also confirms the title exists in some way, but hard to say if they will continue working on it.

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Venox20082448d ago

so ports to Vita confirmed too I guess, not just to 3DS...

pedrami912447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

You just couldn't make something, you know, original ?

Yeah sure, if it's true they gotta add atleast 30% new content for the Vita version but new IP's and original games are mostly better than a port.

Kyosuke_Sanada2447d ago

Your avatar fits your comment well XD......

f7897902447d ago

You should know by now Capcom is run by idiots in suits. They know nothing.

Smashbro292447d ago

Not bad. Vita can do that game well.

Luc202447d ago

Yeah online coop would be great!

camel_toad2447d ago

Awesome a smaller version of an awful game.

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The story is too old to be commented.