What’s Wrong With Exploiting Design Flaws in Online Games?

Kotaku - With players dancing their way out of trouble in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, commenter Raso719 wonders what's the big deal about taking advantage of sloppy programming to gain an advantage in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

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Rainstorm812539d ago

The problem is the game wasnt meant to be played that way.... Finding a glitch in the game and exploiting doesnt make you skilled by any means...........If that kind of thing even matters anymore to this generation of gamers

AtomicGerbil2539d ago

What’s Right With Exploiting Design Flaws in Online Games?

lifesanrpg2539d ago

Wow, how quickly Kotaku has gone down hill since the editor-in-chief left...what kind of crap is this?

Yea, there's nothing wrong with a glitch that let's you become invincible during PVP. Seriously?

jthamind2539d ago

one of the most important aspects of a game's online mode is that it be balanced. whether or not the devs do a good job of that is another story, but by using glitches and exploits in online games, you're essentially upsetting the balance of the game and ruining it for everyone else who doesn't go that route.

KwietStorm2539d ago

What's wrong is you're playing with/against real people. You can have all the fun you want (cheating, goofing around or otherwise) with the product you spent your money on, but the second you start affecting MY experience and the world around the rest of the gamers, that's your queue to trade in that XP for some common sense.

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