Naughty Dog interested in using Uncharted engine for new Jak & Daxter

Discounting the excellent PSP-exclusive Daxter, it's been a while since has seen a new iteration of Naughty Dog's action platformer. With work finished on Uncharted, Naughty Dog's Evan Wells had a few things to say to ThreeSpeech. The engine used to create the beautiful vistas of Uncharted will certainly be used as the foundation for their next game. "We will most definitely continue to build on the Uncharted code base with all of our future titles for the PlayStation3. We have a lot of very sophisticated systems that are general purpose and could be used for a wide variety of genres. It's very exciting to think what we can do with this tech now that it's in place and we can focus on accomplishing something even more ambitious."

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PS3 Limps on and on3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

But they should use the Uncharted engine to make a Western game like Red Dead Revolver or Gun.

Just the shootouts in that game, made me feel like if it was a old Westerned themed game it would of been perfect.

Blademask3876d ago


The Grass
The Plants
More Puzzles
More REASONS to fight enemies.

One problem that I had was that swarms of guys just kept coming. *spoiler*(the one part when you get the map from the hull of the plane in the tree).*spoiler* Is an example of just a huge gunfight.. but there really is no REASON behind it. It would be nice if a guy was to run and get MORE guys.. if you didn't notice/shoot that guy running away.. then more would show up.. If not.. dispatching 30 guys is good enough, tacking on 60 just made it seem like a chore.

Although they could just develop both.


PS3 Limps on and on3876d ago

But I didn't have a problem. Knocking off guys was the best part of that game. I enjoyed staying covered and gun fighting. The more guys the better, just made it more challenging.

I thought the Challenge level was just fine. I beat it in Normal then I beat it again in Hard. I think it was even better in hard.

Blademask3876d ago

Hard keeps you playing more realistically. I think you can only take 2-3 shots before turning grey. I am looking forward to what you unlock after you beat Crushing.

xg-ei8ht3876d ago

Strange no one ever brings up the fact, that exactly the same thing happens with cod4, guys are just replaced by more guys. Its kinda funny, but it doesn't spoil it, so i don't have a problem.

vloeistof3876d ago

yeah next gen daxter cant wait

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