Square Enix – We May Release Final Fantasy Game Every 1-2 Years

Square Enix has said that the developer may follow the popular industry practice of installments for franchises on a yearly or 2 year basis with their Final Fantasy series.

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john22341d ago

Oh, Square Enix. When will you learn?

Optical_Matrix2341d ago

What are you on about? That's what they used to do up until FFX

fluffydelusions2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Yep but let's just hope this doesn't turn to utter crap yearly rehashes like certain other games. TBH, my faith in them delivering isn't very high anymore.

crxss2341d ago

@optical_mattix Lol awesome reply. Here' a bubble.

It would be nice if SE could pull it off again. As long as they don't make game engines so often it could be done.

tigertron2341d ago

Exactly, they didn't take decades i.e. Versus: been in development since 2005, its now 2011 nearly 2012 and still no release date.

Blaine2341d ago


Completely ignoring the fact that development cycles for all games were shorter back then.

It's the way the industry evolved: increased production values, more staff, longer dev cycles. You can't compare making a game in the 1990s to 2010s.

Squeenix's problem isn't their development cycle, it's mediocrity. Pumping out more games won't change the fact that what they're producing isn't as good as the Final Fantasies of yesteryears.

Elyxir-pSx2341d ago

This is a good thing, they could try out all kinds of different things and maybe make a good FF game.

Tanir2341d ago


no offense buddy but ur wrong about Versus, much like everyone has been. Versus was Revealed (Far too early imo)

they didn't really start developing till ff13 was done, and now in full development now that type zero is done. just because they showed a cg trailer years ago didn't mean it was in 100% full on development.

Versus will come out when its ready and they are working on it full force now so it will come eventually.

besides its doing a full world map and crazy gameplay, its like Wine it gets better with time, unlike certain games that come out every year

DragonKnight2341d ago

@Blaine: You're partially correct. I'd say that SE's problems are numerous. They have serious leadership problems, time management problems, looking for ideas in the wrong places (i.e. making their games westernized when people didn't buy them for that reason), too much secrecy (closed mega theatres), lying (Last Remnant, FFXIII exclusivity first to PS3 then to PS3 in Japan, FFXIV) and now they simply have given up on their own ideas and instead are just taking their cue from the devs of the CoD franchise.

They need a massive restructuring and to fire Wada.

Army_of_Darkness2341d ago

Then do whatever the hell you want SE.

Eamon2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

What Square needs to do is get rid of Wada. He is incompetent and has proven this numerous times.

He cannot manage development at Square-Enix. Square-Enix should stick to their current development cycle times so they can keep their reputation of pushing boundaries at every iteration of the series. Doing a Call of Duty and deciding to sacrifice quality for cash will get you nowhere.

Although, I consider Versus to be an exception here. Versus SHOULD NOT be taking this long to develop. It's because Wada completely flopped here when he decided to go ahead with a Final Fantasy XIII-2 instead of allowing all the staff to focus on finishing Versus.

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princejb1342341d ago

1 to 2 years of development is not a good thing for a rpg games
don't want a rushed product

Ddouble2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Some of you people complain about everything. I'll take 2 years than waiting 6 Years for Versus to arrive. What made it worse is we got one trailer per year and yet some of you are complaining when there now saying they want to cut it down.

In the PS1 days FFVII was released in 1997 then FFVIII in 1999, FFIX in 2000 and FFX in 2001. All that with other games like parasite eve, chrono cross, xenogears and vagrant story been released as well. I'll be a happy man if we can get back to how it was in those days.

We seriously lacked a good stream of JRPG's this gen. I know the PSP got loads but it was lacking on consoles.

iamtehpwn2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

For anyone complaining and then saying "OMFG Versus XIII is taking too long", stop be a hypocrit. Also, May I remind you:

FF7 - 1997
FF8 - 1999
FF9 - 2000
FF10 - 2001

If anything, releasing a Final Fantasy every 1-2 years is "going back to what Final Fantasy used to be". 5 year wait for 12, the 4 year for XIII and the going on 6 year wait for Versus XIII hasn't really produce very much quality.

HardCover2341d ago

Wait, hypocrite? what?


thesummerofgeorge2341d ago

The thing is, they're missing the point. Why set an arbitrary amount of time for their development cycles? Fans just want a great FF game, and however long (within reason) it takes to make it right, is how long they should spend making it. Why does it either have to take 1 year or 6? Must they go to both extremes?

SE needs new leadership in a bad way; preferably someone with vision. I suppose I shouldn't complain, after all, it is progress that SE finally realizes they have a problem...

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RaidensRising2341d ago

Certainly not enough dev time for a series of this magnitude, but then again, it's the sign of the times.

Troll-without-Bridge2341d ago

FFVII-FFVIII-FFIX-FFX all had that time of development and are possibly the best of the series.

RaidensRising2341d ago

Maybe so, I don't have the details, but in this day and complexity of video game development, 2 years turnover means either a bigger team to get it done quicker or a lot of short cuts being made, and possibly a lesser game as a result.

Eamon2341d ago

Alright let's talk in simple terms for the apparent layman gamers here.

It probably takes 10 minutes for a graphic designer to make a small sprite (consisting of like 30 pixels) of a single character back in the SNES era.

It probably takes an entire week for a graphic designer to finish a 3D model of a single character in this current era.

As you can see, the development times in this generation are longer due to complexity and scale of the design process.

Meaning for FFVI to have had only 2 years, if it was to be made today in HD etc it would probably take 5 years.

Disccordia2340d ago

But in the SNES days, four people made a videogame. Now a team of 200 work on one

JebusF2341d ago

Just remake Final Fantasy VII and we'll be cool Square-Enix.

shodaime2341d ago

rename the franchise to Final Milktasy if they do that. Such a great series wasted.

princejb1342341d ago

was a great series
it went downhill after ff11

digitalivan2341d ago

Tell me that you just didn't say that FF12 was a downhill for the series.

Game4life2341d ago

My only real complaint with FF12 was the story. It just wasn't the best story.

princejb1342341d ago

ff12 was a downhill for the series

Relientk772341d ago

Or you could not, and actually work hard on ur games and go back to your roots. Thats wat ur fans want.

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