IGN: WWE 12 Review

WWE '12 features so much content that it's impossible to give due diligence here to each of its deep modes. Yet none of that depth would matter if the gameplay was sub-par. THQ's efforts in breathing new life into its core mechanics have paid off. Combat now has a natural flow that not only makes sense from the perspective of a player but from the perspective of someone watching a wrestling match take place. The tension and drama that should be present inside the ring are there, and the only reason that's possible is because there is a balance and fine-tuning in the mechanics.

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-Alpha2252d ago

Could it be? A wrestling game that is decent? And fun? Like the old days?

I still can't get excited for it looking at the bogged down gameplay. I miss games like HCTP, but this is a really high score for a series that has long since been waning

Cosmit2252d ago

I remember the old WWF/E games. Those were fun as hell. All went downhill like after 06 or 07 I think.

Relientk772252d ago

Great score, I hope there is a demo for this game. I want a new great wrestling game havn't bought one in years

CaptainSheep2252d ago

Wow. o__o
I wasn't expecting such a high score for this game. Some more reviews like this and I'll definitely get it!

BALLARD322252d ago

Great reviews an Macho Man DLC. Can't wait.

Ezio20482252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

man....i initially was of the opinion that this game would be a gone by, but it's got a 9??? great!
gotta ask my friend to buy one!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.