The Flash Comes To DC Universe Online (

Sony Online Entertainment continue to support their (now) Free-To-Play MMORPG, DC Universe Online, with a new piece of downloadable content, featuring The Flash!

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maniacmayhem2437d ago

will we see Icon?

I cant wait for the day they introduce the New Gods or the multiverse...oooh imagine traveling to an earth in ww2 era and fighting along side the jsa!


BoNeSaW232437d ago

Can't log in still. I'm always have a +5000 queue when trying. Forget that wait!

LoneWanderer092437d ago

are you playing on PS3 or PC. When ever i play on PS3 i never have problems with logging in, unless the worlds are down for updates

BoNeSaW232437d ago

It is on the PS3 free-to-play version DL off of PSN.
My Character has also been deleted 3 times. I haven't tried for a week now, I Hope they get this fixed soon before I lose interest in trying it out.