PS3 Five Years In - Which Games Define The Console? looks back at the games that helped the console recover from a slow launch. From platformers to stealth to action games, the PS3 has slowly worked its way up to be the definitive home console this generation. Which games led the way?

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GribbleGrunger2293d ago

LBP and Uncharted without a doubt. i won't accept any other offers

Gaetano2293d ago

U2 more than U1 imo. But LBP is just amazing. I don't think there is a game with as good community creation and sharing on consoles?

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NukaCola2293d ago

Yeah Nathan Drake is the one that shines the most, but honestly SackBoy is such a perfect mascot, who best represents community, creativity, and fun...What games should be about.

PshycoNinja2293d ago

Not to raise peoples hopes but I got inside info that more Versus XIII info will be revealed next month. To be exact, there is an 80% chance that this info will be at this years Jump Festa and a 20% chance that it will be revealed on some other day in December. This should come as no suprise to fans as we know that Square always announces something at Jump Festa.

Kran2292d ago

I think he may have meant the franchises as a whole, not just the first games in those franchises.

shockdude2292d ago

Mw3 define ps3 without doubt

nix2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

i think every game/franchise has their own story to tell. For eg. Heavenly Sword, Uncharted 1 and Resistance 1 were the first gen of games to show the power of PS3. Killzone 2 had it's own challenge and controversy. MGS4 started the chain of PS3 game of the year. there was a time when PS3 exclusives won "Game of the year" title 3 times in a row.

GT5 also had it's own huge expectation to live up to. inFamous, LBP series, Motorstorm series, God of War, Heavy Rain etc... all have different stories to tell us. Uncharted series is setting new bar in the gaming industry. in short, PS3 is the culmination of every exclusive game that has come out so far. PS brand has never been about single genre.

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Thatguy-3102293d ago

Though i didnt like the campaing ill have to say uncharted 3 has defined it from a technical stand point.

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ZombieAssassin2293d ago

Have to agree with the list, I'd ad GT5 in there too though as it's the best selling exclusive.

christheredhead2293d ago

There are a ton of games that define the console. Mgs4, gran turismo, infamous, resistance, r&c, i mean the list goes on and on. It really depends on what you like. Something that ive always really enjoyed about the playstation brand is the huge diverse library of different games across different genres.

trouble_bubble2292d ago

Indeed. Someone else could just as easily pick risky ventures like Demon's Souls or Heavy Rain and make a valid, rational argument.

GribbleGrunger2293d ago

games that have been on other PS generation consoles can't 'define' the PS3. they defined the consoles they were on at the time. it should be games that appeared first on PS3 and i stand by what i said!

Uncharted and LBP!!!

damn you all for disagreeing! how dare you!

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