Hands-on Preview: PlayStation Vita - DualShockers

Giuseppe Nelva of had a long, satisfying date with a PlayStation Vita and with six of it's upcoming titles, and discusses the pros and the cons of both console and games in this detailed hands-on preview.

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danny8182441d ago

very nice preview, hopefully the oled screen does live up to the hype.

Abriael2441d ago

For what I'm concerned, it surpassed the hype. It's WAY better than I expected.

danny8182441d ago

i know right !!!! well i'll be the judge of this feb. 22 as i camp or make line for midnight release

Abriael2441d ago

I honestly thought so too :D

miyamoto2441d ago

Beauty and the Best!
I mean Beast...
or Beauty and the Beast and the Best!
That is the PS Vita!

Agheil2441d ago

Great preview, amongst the few that i actually read fully

Abriael2441d ago

Thanks for getting to the bottom mate :D

a08andan2441d ago

The church is booked and now I'm just waiting for my bride!

MasterCornholio2441d ago

A date with the Vita? Wouldn't be better to have a date with the chick in the picture?

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