MW3 multiplayer: Sledgehammer on maps, streaks, snipers, camping and more

OXM UK: The definitive interview on Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, just in time for launch.

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Jam_sponge2419d ago

Size doesn't matter unless something's really, really, really, really, really, really massive.

Too_many_games2419d ago

anyone having this problem? i was rank 24, i turned the PS3 off and came back about an hour later and my rank is now 19??!?! what did i do?

Modern Warfare 3 on PS3

RioKing2419d ago

You accidentally went back in time. Call Doc Brown, he'll know what to do...

GamingManiac2418d ago

Happened to me, too. Went from 57 back to 56.

X_GAMER_X2418d ago

I bought the game yesterday and am selling it today.
I did'nt know there was quickscope in it. Killed lot of people yesterday without daying, And suddenly from one meter away there was QS vs Assualt rifle.

I didnt believe it until I saw a montage on youtube about QS. Sticking with Black ops and soon Halo CEA.

princejb1342418d ago

so your selling it because of one wrong thing you don't like
im anti qs myself but i haven't experienced any quick scoopers as of yet so I'm happy

X_GAMER_X2418d ago

As long as you happy then I am happy.
To it was MW2 all over again. And to be honest there is no big difference between this and BO.

I was boycotting COD after BO but my friend talked me to it, So am glad I sold it at the same price I got it. I paid 85 US Dollars, That's what games cost in Norway. And it is waste of money if it's on COD cuz to be honest it's is just a DLC.

princejb1342418d ago

i lol at the interview statement " Treyarch has proven itself as a Call of Duty studio now. Have you had much back and forth with the Black Ops team?"
i think trey arch prove themselves how bad are they at developing