Why You Should Purchase Your Games From Gamefly

Most gamers know what Gamefly is. It's the Netflix for games. Gamefly is even going to start letting you download games as they have began beta for this. That's a great idea for PC gamers as they can infinitely download and play whatever, as of this moment. If you have a Gamefly account, you can submit for a beta key to get this.

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STICKzophrenic2569d ago

GameFly is good in theory, until you're actually a member and the availability for the games you want is low. Even if the availability is listed as Now, you aren't guaranteed to get the game.

I sent back Homefront, and the next game in my GameQ was Batman: Arkham Asylum. I understand a lot of people might have the same mindset as I do in that they want to play that one before playing Arkham City, but the game (Asylum) had its availability listed as Now and they didn't send it to me. It went to Medium, so I added another to my Q (Metro 2033). It was shipped out almost immediately. Then the cherry on top, Arkham Asylum went to back to having Now availability. WTF???

Also, they have horrible customer service. I received a game (God of II on the Collections disc) that kept freezing at a certain cutscene, and it was near the end. I felt it would be a waste of my time and money to ship the game out, and wait for it to be replaced, beat it quickly, and then send it back and have to wait for another game. I asked if they could send out the replacement, as well as the next game in my Q. Nope, because my plan only allows for one game. Oh really? Well you guys claim games are guaranteed to work, and I got one that didn't, and you can't do anything for me?

I shipped the defective game back after I received confirmation they shipped out my next game, yet they received it before I received mine. They still didn't want to do anything, except send me the next game in my Q. Finally, after filling out a customer service survey, they gave me a free month. Sure they did that, but it was such a hassle.

Those issues, coupled with the Arkham Asylum one made em quit them, probably for good.

ReservoirDog3162569d ago

Haha, well, defective games I don't know about. But I know how to get any game you want from gamefly regardless of it's low availability or high. All you have to do is empty your Q of all games except the one you want. You stonewall them into sending it. Even for new releases.

I got them to send me Sonic Generations (always hated Sonic but figured I'd give this one a try since the reviews were good and I honestly love* it) day 1 by doing that. It works.

And trust me on this, give gamefly a second chance. I tried it once and enjoyed it but figured it'd be too much per month. One year of it costs $204 for only 1 game out at a time. But I figured out a legit way to get gamefly for only $68 a year or $17 for 3 months of it ($17 every 3 months is $68 in a year if you ask me to explain it).

PM me if you wanna find out how. Been doing it for 6 months and found out I loved Dead Space, Sonic, Metro 2033, Vanquish and 3D Dot Heroes. I'll even give you a $5 gamefly rewards code they gave me that I don't want. And you honestly just can't beat their prices when you press "keep it."

You and everyone, honestly, PM me so you can give it a try. I can almost guarantee you can get Skyrim or mw3 or any other game day 1 for $17 for 3 months. Not advertising or anything but I've saved so much money doing this and I'm sure everyone* would love to save money.

STICKzophrenic2569d ago

The thing is, this was my second go-round with GameFly already. The last time I ended it, was because I couldn't get games I wanted.

I've already tried having one game in my Q, and they don't send it. Like I said with Arkham Asylum, that was the ONLY game I had in my Q, with the availability listed as Now and they didn't send it.

I'm about to PM you so I can get this info. If I can get it for $17 for three months, I'll definitely rejoin.

CoryHG2568d ago

Make sure you have the new release as the only game in your queue the friday before it comes out. They'll actually ship it monday. I haven't had an issue with defective games or their customer service b/c their stuff always works.

GuruStarr782569d ago

I love me some Gamefly. I always get the new games and never have problems. In order to get the new releases you have to place them at number 1 in your Q and make sure that you have any other games back into them on the Saturday before they release on Tuesday, since they send out the new releases on Monday.

Buying games from them is great too... I've gotten alot of games like Epic Mickey, Sin and Punishment and more "newer" games for around $10 or less.

NellyNel_7_1_32569d ago

Can you buy games from gamefly without them charging you to be a member? I want to be a member just for buying the games only...

ReservoirDog3162569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Yeah you can, though I think you get a better deal if you're a member. But you should read my comment above. You can get 3 months of gamefly for $17. That means you can get any game you want for 3 months for $17 if you ask me.

But to answer your question, yeah.

edit: I think you pay shipping if you're not a member. Members get free shipping.

NellyNel_7_1_32568d ago

Thank you bro! I will look into this 3 months deal gamefly have going on...

optimus2569d ago

gamefly is only good if you play games regularly to make it worth it. if you play a game and have it for 3 months, already you've spent what you would if you bought it new.

ReservoirDog3162569d ago

What about $17 for 3 months? That's possible with the method I know. It honestly works and has saved me so much money.

PM me if you wanna know how.