Next Alan Wake will be a "standalone experience released on Xbox LIVE," first screenshot Monday

GamesRadar writes: "We already knew that Alan Wake would be making a showing at the Spike TV VGA awards, but beyond that there wasn't a drop of information. Would it be more DLC? A sequel? A prequel? While we're still mostly in the dark, Major Nelson has provided a bit of illumination: the game will be entirely new, and it will be released on Xbox Live.

In the tweet, Nelson confirmed that the game will be a standalone product, though he doesn't use the word sequel at all. "We can confirm that this new 'Alan Wake' game will be a fully standalone experience," he said, "and released on Xbox LIVE." Remedy's community manager also chimed in, promising a screenshot on Monday."

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Sickr2305d ago

Looking forward to hearing more about this title after I was won over by the previous game.

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Megaton2305d ago

Well that's disappointing. I want a full-fledged retail sequel. This was a very promising IP, but it looks like it's going to be mismanaged to death.

TheBlackMask2305d ago

Seems Microsoft don't give a crap still about AW, shame it's a great IP

BadgerDeluxe2305d ago

I'm pretty sure they've all but confirmed that there's a full sequel in the works, but this is going to be something to keep the fans satisfied, which is A-OK in my book!

John Kratos2305d ago

Finally some new content for one of my favorite games of all time.

Psychonaughty2305d ago

My hope is it's a side scrolling metroidvania type game like Shadow Complex but with an eerie twist but I suspect it will most likely be a Kinect spinoff (yawn), I was the biggest proponent of Kinect at first but after several poor games I can't help feel cynical about it.