Announcing Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs Campaign

If you, like us, have felt jilted as other territories received a glut of Square Enix RPGs while the U.S. got table scraps, it's time to relieve yourself of your worries. PlayStation Blog has just announced the "Winter of RPGs" campaign, which will see the release of three much-desired PSOne Classics on the PSN: Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 6.

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Agent Smith2300d ago

Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VI. Yes!

Omega Archetype2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

What, no love for Final Fantasy V? Lol.

Great games, I own Chrono Cross on disc still, but never bought FFV or VI. Now is the time!

I wonder if there will be a PS+ discount on them? Hmmm...

Misterhbk2300d ago

Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Cross will definitely be bought for the Vita. It'll be good to have these classic games on the go! So many games I'll be playing for the Vita! Now just put. Type-0 on PSN SE so I can play that on the Vita too!

Canary2300d ago

Or you could save a few hundred bucks and play those PSP and PS1 games on, you know, a PSP.

Misterhbk2300d ago

I've already paid off my Vita so either way I'll be paying that couple hundred bucks. And those psp games are upscaled in the Vita and have updated controls. Something not possible on the psp.

k2d2300d ago

I don't get it.. playing them on a regular PSP it totally viable. So why the disagrees?

I'll be getting Chrono Cross, as it was never released in Europe:)

DarkBlood2300d ago

i bet they will be 10 bucks but oh well i'll be picking these up when the time is right when they come out and wont play them (maybe not) till the vita releases just for the new kind of experince

never played any of them before so it'll be refreshing

360ICE2300d ago

Some say FFVI is the best FF of all time.
Would be cool if it was released on XBLA with Kinect support. I could say the commands instead of just clicking on them. That way I never get tired of playing.

360ICE2300d ago

Hey, I'm just saying that FFVI is considered by many to be one of the best FF's and that Kinect support would add an extra dimension to it. I'm sure you can disagree, but calling me troll is a longshot.

Myze2300d ago


Have you ever played FFVI? It's my second favorite JRPG (and game) of all time (behind Xenogears), and I would see Kinect support as completely irrelevant and ...well, strange. Of all the games to get Kinect support, FFVI would be one of the more odd choices.

That being said, If they were to ever remake a FF game for an HD console, FFVI is the one I would love to see (without changing gameplay/story/etc.), more so than FFVII. I know it won't happen though, since FFVII is much more popular.

360ICE2300d ago

No Myze. I have never played FFVI because it has never been accessible with an innovative control system before. I'm sure I would try it out if it was to be released with Kinect, or maybe Move support for that matter.

dragon822297d ago

I was on your side until that last comment. But now, you just need to crawl back under your bridge before you make yourself look even more foolish.

HeavenlySnipes2300d ago

Chrono Cross is the best game Square ever made

Myze2300d ago

While I don't agree, it's also hard for me to disagree, as I love Chrono Cross. There's almost nothing about the game I don't like, and I still think it has one of the best soundtracks ever (although Squaresofts whole SNES>PS1 JRPG soundtrack era was awesome). I would put it as my third favorite PS1 game, behind Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics. All Squaresoft. They were near unstoppable till the merger.

pain777pas2299d ago

Square is making strides though. Type-0, FF13-2 and Versus are looking really good to ME.

banjadude2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Not sure if serious...

Ontopic: And good stuff, never got to try FF 6, so this will be welcomed!

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