You can hike up mountains, visit beaches - facts broken down from GTA V trailer

Juicy details you might have missed from the reveal video.

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thebudgetgamer2446d ago

One of my favorite thing to do in San Andreas was pack a bowl then sit on a mountain listening to radio x. Smoking while the sun comes up then going down and killing some rednecks.

Bounkass2446d ago

All good and dandy, but if someone does it in the trailer, doesn't mean you can... Maybe we can't fly the zeppelin, maybe we can... Maybe we can have pets, maybe not...

Detoxx2446d ago

man just give me everything you had in san andreas and im happy

andrewsqual2446d ago

Nobody knows anything so please stop with these retarded articles. Back when San Andreas was coming out, publications were claiming that it takes 10 minutes to drive up Mount Chiliad or and HOUR on a bike. Try it yourself on a bike in San Andreas, it takes 3 minutes. Its all just bullshit speculation from here out.

BlmThug2445d ago

With the amazing destruction engine I cant wait to jump cars of off Mount Chiliad

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