Eiji Aonuma Talks Skyward Sword in Interview Unlike the 2d Zeldas, the new ones maybe are more focused on puzzle solving than on combat - Skyward Sword seems to reverses this tendency, this is just for taking advantage of motion plus or you'll keep this way also in the future?

Eiji Aonuma: I think, yeah, when you look at the combat in the past, in the 2d zelda games, they had bugged controls, and they where really not difficult to win, you just had to press buttons a lot to win, there were not much variations in the way you do it, so - but it is very differently in Skyward Sword, because with motion plus you can hit orizzontaly, vertically, and diagonally, and the enemies will also react, so with some enemies you'll have to do sudden moves to win, it's not just how much you hit the enemy, you have to find out how you can defeat it, so in a way in Skyward Sword the battles become like a puzzle, and i think this is one of the big, big benefit of introducing Wii motion plus to the Zelda series, because it really fits it very well. The puzzle solving now also kind of include the fight that you have long way.

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