Power A's Air Flo Controller for PlayStation 3 - Popzara Review

Some probably won't like that it's tethered to a (admittedly generous) ten-foot USB cord, and I would have loved an option to turn my console on/off from the controller itself. But these are small gripes to deal with for one of the best third-party controllers I've ever used. Highly recommended for the sweaty gamer in your life.

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anticooper2607d ago

im not getting this! NO WAY!!

DEADEND2606d ago

I had one of these for the PS2 way back, it wasn't too bad. If your looking for a great controller for the PS3 than try out the new MW3 controller from PDP. It's awesome so far and response very well and feels great in your hands.

morkendo232606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I would have loved an option to turn my console on/off from the controller itself.

surely you dont own a ps3?? if so you should DEFFINTELY know ps3 controller TURN on/off console. this product invaled having cooling fans at the palm of your hands.

like DEADEND said : i remember having one as well for my ps2 it was ok, not bad but ok.
most of the time the cooling fans did not work. if MADCAP behind this i know!!!! it wont work correctly.

Vortex3D2606d ago

Until Sony allows 3rd party controller to support Bluetooth, you aren't going to find any PS3 controller that has Bluetooth.

But there was a PS3 controller made that has Bluetooth but discontinued.

FalseAngel02606d ago

If the controller relies on power from the PS3 that it doesn't get until the console is on, it can't possibly turn it on, as all of its buttons are non-responsive. Even with USB wireless 3rd party controllers, the USB receiver would not have any power to receive the command to turn the system on.

As Vortex3D pointed out, this won't change unless Sony allows 3rd party blutooth controllers. Which I really couldn't care less about.

bigboss9112606d ago

See article headline_ Hmmmm sounds...
See thumbstick placement_ Kill it with fire a thousand times over.


some of us actually like that thumbstick placement.

I play 99% of my games on my 360. I only play games on the ps3 for exclusives like uncharted, GOW3, MGS4 and if you asked me what the biggest factor was in picking up most games for the 360, it's the controller.

I hate the thumbsticks placement on the ps3. I find it very very uncomfortable.

There is no right or wrong to it, everyone is different. it's just like how people write on paper, some can write with a stright vertical sheet, some people have to write at a slight angle.

having a controller like this at least gives people like me more options. Same way i would say there should be 3rd party controllers for the 360 with the ps3 thumb layout.

TheFallenAngel2606d ago

Ewww. Why would I want to use this instead of my good ol pal the dualshock? We have been buddies since the 90s.

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