Why Max Payne 3 Is A Game You Should Keep Your Sights On | GameBlurb

GameBlurb, "Originally developed by Remedy, Max Payne is the franchise known for its gritty noir elements and comic book-style cut scenes. It introduced gamers to the bullet time, which allowed us to choreograph our gunfights with finer control over aiming and shooting. It is Rockstar's aim that Max Payne 3 maintain those fundamental characteristics, keeping the noir atmosphere, graphic novel presentation and run and gun gameplay with bullet time. After watching their demonstration at NYCC, I'm confident that fans of the original games will feel right at home with Max Payne 3."

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Hufandpuf2367d ago

I still play Dead man Walking from Max Payne 2. I hope they put that mode in MP3.

RahatR2367d ago

Wow you just brought back some awesome memories!

Gordo7892367d ago

I still have crying baby nightmares.

spirited2367d ago

gameplay please ,.......

ShabbaRanks2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

I have faith in R*... And are some people gay, cuz I don't really care about the baldness. Plus if you ever played a MaxPayne game you'll see that he isn't the luckiest guy and hasn't had it easy lol...

pretty understandable that you care less about you're physical appearance when
( !! SPOILERS !! ) you're child, wife and later on girlfriend dies... I think I would go insane... But Max still stands XD