Tabata, Nomura and Kitase Discuss Final Fantasy Type-0

Andriasang: "Dengeki PlayStation sent off Final Fantasy Type-0 this week with a cover featuring new artwork from the game, and an interview with producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Hajime Tabata, and creative producer and character designer Tetsuya Nomura. Here are some bits from the interview based off a summary at Sokuho."

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sashimi2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Yeah so pumped for this, bring it to NA now!
FF Type-0 > FFXIII-2 for me!

Inception2403d ago

*lookin at pict* why o why SE must gave spoiler to this game -_-

Spenok2403d ago

Man, i really hope this comes to the states....

forevercloud30002403d ago

SE has been one big mess this gen, fumbling every big console release so far. Yet one thing that has been done very RIGHT is the portable games from them. All of them have been stellar. Type-0 is honestly a culmination of everthing they have learned from working on portables. I can see many different game franchises within it.

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