Possibility of Mortal Kombat Versus Title From Netherealm

Update: NetherRealm's boss Ed Boon recently confirmed his intention of planning to develop a Mortal Kombat Crossover game with Street Fighter or Tekken if he'll be given with a chance. However, some issues are needed to be fixed first.

So do you like to see a Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter / MK vs Tekken games from Netherrealm? Show us in your comments below.

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-Mika-2338d ago

As long as netherealm isn't developing it. I honestly wouldn't mind. I would really like to see a good MK game for once and i know Capcom could deliver it.

Septic2338d ago

Completely disagree.

Netherrealm delivered a stellar FPS with the likes of MK9. I'd rather have them deal with it over Capcom any day because:

1) I wouldn't have to buy Kung Lao's hat via DLC so I could do his moves or pay to unlock fatalities

2) Only NRS can do fatalities right- they showed their sick ingenuity with MK9

3) We are already getting a SF vs Tekken game with the same fighting model- the MK9 fighting system is brilliant fun

" I would really like to see a good MK game for once "

Have you not played MK9? It is brilliant.

zeeshan2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

@-Mika- : You must be smoking some goooooooodd sh**!

OnTopic: MK vs SF would be awesome! Reallly awesome! Imagine playing as Ken vs Sub Zero or Scorpian? Or Playing as Kung Lao vs Bison or Seth! Wow!

But I think that if there is ever MK vs SF, there won't be any fatalities. And MK without fatalities suck. Hint: Mk vs DC

StifflerK2338d ago

How about MK vs Killer Instinct?

I think that could work.

ZombieAssassin2338d ago

Would be sweet but I bet fatalities would have to be dumbed down like in MKvsDC, I'd just hope if they did MKvsTekken that they'd keep their 2D fighting style and not go back to the 3D.

Quagmire2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

I would totally buy MK vs Tekken, however it wouldnt break the game too much buy using MK9 gameplay but in 3d to match Tekken.

Tekken in 2D seems limiting in terms of gameaply, which is why im waiting for Tekken X SF

And plus Tekken seems more mature than SF, meaning the fatalities would be more approporiate for Tekken fighters.

bigboss9112338d ago

Mk Vs Marvel. Marvel is way different than Dc. They are not against showing their characters die, or kill. They even allowed some characters to turn into zombies. Even though some marvel characters are a little op if not made weak by some plot device like MkvsDc. Cap. America, The Punisher, Ghost Rider, Thor, Iron man, Carnage, Wolverine, and Deadpool would be a great start.

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