Chocobo Breeding Returns in Final Fantasy Type-0

In Type-0, you can catch chocobos on the world map and breed them. Because wild ones will run away, you’ll have breed one to be able to ride it and leave it without it escaping. There are many breeds of chocobo that are obtainable.

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CLOUD19832342d ago

This game doesn't stop to surprise me in a good way the last days with all the info I learn about it, it have so many elements that make the franchise so loved by so many it might be what FF miss for the last 10 years and I am a little sad that it's on PSP, I own a PSP but for a game like this u need to close your self in your room for 1 week in front of your HD TV and loose your self in the fantasy :)
Also one other reason I am sad that it's on PSP and I will probably never play it it's that I dont see a chance for the PAL version of the game to have the original VO inside, UMD have this restriction of space and as I am against dubs in JRPG's after new generation of console launch I will not touch it, unless SE surprise me and make me say my first good word for them from the time they merge with Enix.

hard joe2342d ago

you could use component cable to connect your psp to hd tv

GunofthePatriots2342d ago

this game sounds awesome. can't wait

TheWolverine2342d ago

MMMMM Chocobo... Delicious.

banjadude2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

reminds me of this, lol!