GameSpot: The Controller Episode 1 - "Boot Camp"

GameSpot: Welcome to episode one of The Controller; meet the contestants, learn the rules, and watch one pair get shut down in the first elimination challenge.

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Pikajew2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I saw this on GiantBomb forums, it is so stupid. These people call them self pro because they play twitch shooters using a controller. If you are pro at FPS you will play Counter Strike on PC.
They probably only play CoD and started gaming this gen

Legion2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I have seen TSQUARED play and he is far from being a noob/twitch player as you say... he is a pro and won a lot of money in MLG tournaments. (and sorry... Counter Strike is about as relevant these days as Tetris)

They mentioned that they were playing on an AMD computer in the video but were using controllers which seems a bit strange for FPS versus using the mouse and keyboard on a PC.

The premise behind the show looks interesting. I like that the pro players are only coaching the noobs and don't get to actually put their hands on the controller.

Also: TSQUARED I know has actually coached a professional gaming team too. So I favor him to win.

finbars752435d ago

Sometimes I wish people did there informtion before they post like pikajew above.I have my money on tsquared as well.The only way they could lose is if his partner screws the pouch in gaming part which I doubt he will.He looked good in the first challenge and tsquared backed him up good with patience and grace.It seems like it would better to see his partner in the outdoor challenge as well since the guy is pretty much in fantastic shape compared to
and the fact that he's unemployed.hope can't wait until next weeks episode.

Pikajew2435d ago

I never heard of any of them. But I will take your word on TSQUARED

Legion2435d ago

Obviously you haven't heard of them with your remark "If you are pro at FPS you will play Counter Strike on PC."

As Counter Strike once again it is not even a relative game anymore. (not even the weak remake)

Maybe you aren't a Dr. Pepper drinker? TSQUARED had his image on quite a few bottles in his day. He was like the Shaun White of MLG for awhile.

finbars752435d ago

Wow I would have to disagree with you on that one.Tsquared plays many different FPS and TPS.other then that the rest play COD pretty to me is the only one in the circuit who has adapted to playing with a keyboard on the ps3 and PC who isn't afraid of trying something new.I thought the show was pretty cool for the budget they have.