Next Big Thing: Can Rock Band Save Music?

Back in the day, MTV revitalized the music industry by beaming the latest videos into any household with cable. Could a videogame do the same for the MySpace generation?

Electronic Arts and-surprise!-MTV are hoping Rock Band can. Games like Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution have already shown that music is the great socializer when it comes to party games, and Rock Band, though pricey at $169, takes the game to a whole new level by adding drums, a microphone and a stage, limited only by the World Wide Web...and whether your ego will destroy the band.

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LSDARBY4039d ago

Since when did music need saving, EA needs saving. Actually no they dont, they should just go bakrupt thats the least they deserve for delivering crap games year after year.

solar4039d ago

since when did ppl care what MTV has to say about music? that ended a long time ago.

beoulve4039d ago

already ordered mine.. Booing at EA for not making the special edition enough.. 4 weeks wait.. WTF man

Skerj4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Good music saves music, not a game o_O as cool as it is. Whatever music they finally decide to play on MTV doesn't need "saving" and I didn't even think the M in MTV stood for Music anymore anyway.

Genki4039d ago

When the HELL did gaming become the equivalent of environmental activism? Save the trees, save the air, save the water, save the planet, BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Anyone who thinks there's ANY facet of the gaming industry that needs saving is a fine example of a jack*ss.

This garbage has been tired and old for well over a year now, why on earth does anyone keep saying it? Do people feel as if it's their civic duty to report on the turmoil and pending armageddon happening within the industry? Does anyone REALLY think the bullcrap they spew will make a difference?

We get these "Will/Can ABC save the blah blah blah?" SEVERAL times every single week, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is a load of sh*t. Amazes me how frequently this sort of crap makes it past an editor.

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