BF3 - Spawn Immunity Removed, No Customizable Red Dots, and Lasers Increase Accuracy

MP1st writes, "Only a week and a few days away until Battlefield 3 finally arrives! We know everyone is missing the Beta and doesn’t quite know what to do with their lives at the moment, but we’ll make it through. For now, new information is surfacing about the retail version and we will be gathering as much of it as we can."

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Nitrowolf22625d ago

“It’s removed as soon as the player gains control of his player and moves shoots or aims.”

Interesting. At first when I read the headlines I wasn't so happy. Even with this i'm a bit worried. How long can we stay like this? IDK i like timed spawn shields, it helps against spawn campers

Mister_V2625d ago

I didn't find it much of a problem in the Beta. If I was spawn trapping and the dude killed me because of immunity, I'd be like yeah, I deserved it. But, It did suck to be shooting a guy only to have his teammate spawn on him the moment before killing him. Nothing you can do at that point, unless it takes forever for the second guy to spot you.

PRHB HYBRiiD2624d ago

i hated that cause i like to rush and plant and sometimes i encounter a group of at least 2 or 3 people when i kill two of them right out of nowhere comes this guy who just spawned and i shoot him like 20 rounds right in his back and he turns around and kills me..

Kleptic2624d ago

forward spawning is always a pretty touchy subject...

I've always stood by the argument that if you spawn in a forward position, you should have zero invulnerability...OR should have invulnerability breifly, but not be able to engage enemies...there are plenty of ways to do that, but devs usually mess this up anyway...

but in something like rush in BF3...forward spawning attackers or defenders have to be able to be taken down quickly, as that is the entire balance of that game mode...attack an mcom, then defend it until its gone...if a single attacker gets to it, then has 3 squad mates immediately spawn on it...that are invulnerable, yet can return fire all they want...obviously thats a problem...

so i'd say stick with zero invulnerability from a forward spawn point, but make it clear enough to have a good idea of whats going on at that spawn can kind of see your squad mate, and whats going on around him...but plenty of times i was instantly dropped when spawning on them...and i deserved it...

spawning at your own base?...totally different...give people 10 seconds of invulnerability for all i care...the fact that people snuck into the spawn points of defenders or attackers in the beta was ridiculous...nothing is more annoying than spawning somewhere that you are supposed to be 'safe' no matter what...and instantly falling over from glitchy hit detection from an SVD...this has been bitched about for over a decade, yet no devs have really figured out a good way to counter it...

TheRealWar2624d ago

You cant win either way....

"OMG! i just spawned [email protected]$#!"

"WTF!? how many bullets does it take to kill you [email protected]#!!!"

Laxman2162624d ago

It should have only been for when you spawn at the base, not on team mates I reckon, cause like you said, its not fair when someone spawns into a firefight and can kill you before they can take damage.


I totally agree with Kleptic. Spawn invulnerability is a good idea but gotta be in the right place or people will exploit it to tank objectives.

I know I had spawned 2 or 3 times between multiple enemies and, although they should had busted me, I easily got rid of them... I didn't even knew there was a timed invulnerability before, than I was attacking on the smaller tunnel (air duct?) going into the train tunnels, one guy was camping at the ending, I sniped him and as I rushed to the last vent one more spawns right there... I just realised why it was so easy for me before as I was fighting a bullet sponge myself.

In case they can't make this timed invulnerability only on base respawn, they should try a double health for 10 seconds or something like that, not make us immortal.

zeeshan2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I always wondered what it would be like to have spawn grounds. Even if you are spawning on your Squad Leader, you should not spawn right behind him but say, 10-15 feet away should be a good idea. So the newly spawned player doesn't get spawned right in the red zone and has to cover some distance to get to the squad leader and also prevents campers to take advantage of possible spawn areas.

Also, getting back to the original deployment area. The spawn should be random. It should never happen in one place. Should move around a bit like Killzone 3. Adding an extra layer of gameplay that hopefully, won't be frustrating.

Lastly, I KNOW this is a bit offtopic but, I hope DICE dims or eliminates flashlights and laser light of friendlies. It's only terrible getting blinded by those enemy flash lights even in broad day light. Add your own players to this and well, it takes away a lot of fun.

Blogz4Fanboyz2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

well thanks for the colour blind HUD dice!!

as soon as the red dot goes over a patch of foliage or green, i cant see it any more!! lol a yellow dot would be perfect for me.

in bf modern combat they had a colour blind HUD ffs

Darrius Cole2623d ago

Spawning is different depending on where you spawn.

As I learned in Killzone 2 all characters should be invulnerable when they are in their own base. In KZ2 we had people running into enemy bases and laying down mobile spawn points in enemy bases; it made for very ugly gameplay.

Speaking of spawn points, all the mobile spawn points should have a heavy motion mine ability. That way if some decides that they are going to spawn-camp your mobile spawn point that person will be spotted and easily found by other teammates. Those people spawning at a mobile spawn-points should have some limited invulnerability, just enough to survey their area and take cover, maybe 2 or 3 seconds.

People who spawn on team mates should be fair game as soon as they spawn.

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Criminal2625d ago

It's not as lengthy as painkiller, so it wasn't a problem for me. I just hate it when recon players set the beacons in the middle of gunfire.

Dart892624d ago

Lol i would be one of those i go behind the enemy spawn plant my beacon run out kill and if i die i just do it again:P.

Criminal2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

@Dart89 hehe I hate when people do that, but then again it's my fault for not checking the map before I spawn.

beastgamer2624d ago

the flash light!
shoot the light!
don't got towards the light!

Criminal2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I feel everyone is complaining about the flashlight, but like you said all you have to do is shoot at the light source.

InNomeDiDio2624d ago

The light source increases by getting closer to the enemy so it it's not that easy. I died a few times at close quarter because of the light. It's like a flashbang effect.

Dark_king2624d ago

@InNomeDiDio most people leave their light on all the time makes them pretty easy to spot.I use my light to distract enemies.In metro when in the tunnels it great to use to get enemies to shoot at you instead of team members.Givin them a chance to pick them off.
It also works great when enemies run through a door like objective A in the tunnels.With a charge planted and a squad in the room to help defend the charge.I keep it off then blast them with it as the enter the doors.Gives you about a second to take them out before they can see again.

swishersweets200312624d ago

yeah shoot the light lol. I love people who use that light.. i can kill them from afar because they never turn it off.

Kleptic2624d ago

oh man I loved the tac light...As soon as i figured out which button turned it on and was ridiculous...i'd only use it to sweep a room or something, then turn it off...

but yeah, lots of people never figured out how to use mates blinding me without even thinking about it...people running out in the open without turning it off was always a dead give away also...but if you come around a corner with it on and they weren't ready for it...wiped squads without reloading...

get me outside again?...i'd go 3 kills and 15 deaths having never seen who killed me...weird beta for sure...i could do great indoors, and sucked impossible amounts outdoors...

OdinX2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I don't know if you guys know how bright a tactical light is irl, but DICE pretty much nailed it. My only qualm about its intensity is during outdoor levels where the light is unrealistically effective. However, indoor areas of metro is exactly the place where a tac light would be a monster weapon; the fact that people say its OP is actually a good sign that it's working as it really is intended to.

ljh2172624d ago

@Odin: This is a competitive game, not a combat simulator. Balance is much more crucial than something simulating a real-life situation.

Saying that, I think the flashlight has the right pro's and con's, and I didn't have much difficulty killing people who were using it. Shotguns were especially effective as not much accuracy was needed.

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ATi_Elite2624d ago

"Spwan Sheild" nice feature as it helps eliminate the filth that are "Spawn Killers"

just dont touch the controls upon spawn and wait for the Spawn camping scum to reload or make a bad move then Knife em!

Flashlight and lasers give away position. i stayed away from them and worked on the element of surprise but some people were good with them....i guess it just depends on how you like to play.

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SH0CKW4VE2624d ago

GOOD because it was incredibly bent when a guy spawned on his teammate and he was invincible for 2 seconds which made all the difference.

But I also hope they fix the fact you osmetimes spawn on a teammate facing away from the action, usually facing away from them.

Mister_V2624d ago

I'd sometime spawn in my own base facing the opposite way! Then start running away from the objective (back when I didn't really know the Op Metro all that well).

venom062624d ago

MAN... DICE BETTER PREPARE FOR THE SPAWN RAPE RAGE... because it's definitely coming.. remember this terms all of my fellow Battlefield fans, "Insta-death" because we're gonna be experiencing this QUITE a bit...

MasterD9192624d ago

As long as the kill-cams are fixed and I'm not staring into the toy-like eyes of my enemy....

Criminal2624d ago

I think they said that it's been fixed, but I can't remember the source.

SITH2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I agree with the spawn immunity being removed when spawning on other characters. It should still remain for spawning in designated spawn zones to counter spawn killing.

Mister_V2624d ago

I agree since spawning in base is out of our control. It's our fault in terms of whatever happens to us when we spawn on a squad-mate.

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