Dead Island - Update 1.2.1 Released

DSOGaming writes: "Attention zombie fans as a new patch for Dead Island has just been rolled out. This new update is 79MB in size and will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client. Deep Silver and Steam didn't release any changelog for this patch, though we can confirm that this patch will fix your launch issues that were introduced with the previous patch."

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dennett3162540d ago

I must have been very lucky as I made it all the way through this game with no serious glitches at all, only a couple of minor graphical glitches like Infected occasionally phasing through a wall and an instance of a zombie being frozen in position after being hit.
It's a shame that the game wasn't more polished though, it was a damn fun time.

CBaoth2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I downloaded the Dead Island Helper tool which fixed the keyboard microstutter, added better shading, increased the FOV, allowed me to back-up saves and I played issue-free for 66 hrs. Yes it is a shame the game had so many issues for so many people.

john22540d ago

True.dat. Dead Island Helper tool is essential to pretty much everyone who wants to enjoy Dead Island

REALgamer2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Unfortunately I had a horrible start with Dead Island, and as such have only played 1 hour total according to my Steam account.

I had upgraded to 2 x GTX 580 SLi and bought Dead Island on Steam about a week or so after release. After letting it update and start, my GPUs seemed to be rendering frames so fast that the screen was tearing every few centimetres! Not only that, but it was constantly stuttering as I looked around.

After applying fixes and forcing Vsync using Dead Island helper, tearing was fixed but constant stuttering wasn't in spite of FRAPS telling me it was locked at 60fps. Tried SLi on and off, latest drivers, etc.

Read about the keyboard fix and started using my 360 controller, but that did nothing and it stuttered even while standing still and looking around, about every second.

Got sick of trying to fix it and restart the game every time to apply graphics settings and did not play again.


A few days ago I started it to show a friend how broken it was. Lo and behold, it worked flawlessly! Now my friend won't believe all the trouble I had.

Oh well. At least I can play the game now while I wait for id to think about fixing Rage's horrible textures.

Crazyglues2540d ago

Well all I can say is it's about dam time...!


kma2k2539d ago

I never had any real problems glitch wise. The only thing that was even noticable was the cutscenes the colors all seem to bleed together to me & the fade in & out as well as the voices were all off in cutscenes but other than that the game had no problems.